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What is an End-to-End Testing?

Tanul K Saxena
Posted on : Fri, Dec 22, 2017
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An end-to-end test is basically you are testing a module of software from beginning to end. If it is an ecommerce platform, for example, you would test that you can get to a product page, add it to cart, then checkout and complete the order. For an application, it could be that you are able to select an item from a menu, do some work, and then submit that so that it is visible to others. It's basically just a way for a functional team to vet the new development and make sure that they haven't broken something either on the front-end or back-end during implementation. 

The entire application is tested from the beginning to end as if to be satisfied when viewed from the customer.

Manish Rawat
Wed, Dec 27, 2017

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