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What is the difference between software and hardware virtualization



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Explain the difference between software and hardware virtualization. What type of software are used for these types of virtualizations.
Ravinder Singh
Posted on : Mon, Jun 12, 2017
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Answers (2)


Difference between Software and Hardware virtulization is that in Hardware virtulization one single physical system is divided into two or more virtual machines.That means all the virtual machines will have their own Memory, Ram. Its like having two systems at which one running one OS and other running an other OS.Hypervisor is used for hardware virtulization. it control the memory, procces,ram all the resources.

Software Virtulization is running a virtual applications on one single system. Example: running Windows on Mac OS. Sofware virulization means running two OS on the same platform at the same time. Example: Virtual Machine Manager(VMM). 

Sahil Gaba
Mon, Jun 12, 2017

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Hardware Virtualization- One can run different operating systems using hardware virtualization. The same memory, processor and other components are divided logically among the operating systems although the physical size remains the same. In this type of virtualization the operating systems may work independently and will get separate memory space, processor cores and other components for working.

Software Virtualization- One can run applications on a single host. This type of virtualization basically provides a host operating system on which other operaring systems or applications use resources provided by the host. e.g. Secondary operaitng systems running on the primary operating systems and has the access to run applications  installed in the host.


Softwares like VMware implement virtualization.

Apurva Thakker
Mon, Jun 12, 2017

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