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Importance of flowcharts and algorithms in programming



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Programming is a complex job and involves multiple steps. Writing algorithms and drawing flowcharts is an important step in the code writing process. What according to you is the importance of writing algorithms and drawing flowcharts in the code writing process ??
Ravinder Singh
Posted on : Sun, Jun 11, 2017
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Answers (2)


Following are the advantges of writing algorithms and flowcharts in programming.

  1. The process of code writing becomes easy while following the flowcharts and algorithms.
  2. This is a step before the coding where the logics of a particular task is formed. 
  3. The flowcharts and alogrithms gives the user the number of steps required to complete the program.
  4. They give a clear picture of the flow of the program and can be interpreted easily.
Apurva Thakker
Sun, Jun 11, 2017

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Flowchart is the overall basic structure of the program drawn over a paper or a board for writing the actual code of the program on the computer.

Algorithms explains the step involved in writing the programs.

Now their importance is programmer will have the overall structure and steps involved in writing the program which makes it easy to code as programmer will have a map showing the flow of the program. Flowchart represent the program structure in a graphical manner which helps in writing steps for making algorithm of the program which further help in writing the actual code for program.

Before making any program a flowchart is must for it, which explains the program flow in an easy manner.

Sahil Gaba
Sun, Jun 11, 2017

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