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Difference between computer science, software engineering and information technology (IT)



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There are three types of specializations in the computer related industry - computer science, software engineering and information technology. What is the difference between these specializations and what type of expertise do we expect from people with these skills.
Ravinder Singh
Posted on : Sun, Jun 11, 2017
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Computer Science is a very vast field which deals with computer hardwares, programming, networking. It is a combination of many fields or we can say that it opens up many other fields. it explains the architecture of a computer, computer development and connecting diffrent devices together(internet).

Software Engineering - as suggested from the name it deals with software develpment, requiremnet gathering,Programing, software managment, It maintenace etc. It has very minimal to do with computer hardware. It eloborates different techniques used in software develpment and structuring the data.

Information technology deals with the Information sharing, mining, gathering technologies for example cloud computing.

Sahil Gaba
Sun, Jun 11, 2017

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Computer Science-People from computer science developement have ideas about the computer system, its working and varioius functionalities. They have a good knowledge about its structure and architecture. A computer Science graduate may be expected to have knowledge of setting up systems solving problems in the functioning of the systems.

Software Engineering-People who are software engineers are expected to have knowledge of the steps involved in developing a software. People should have expertise in developing a software and gathering all the inputs which are required at the time of coding. 

Information Technology-People persuing speceliazation in Information Technology are expected to have knowledge in sharing of information and various ways of optimizing it. This is more of a networking part where it is decided how, where and which date will be shared with users.  

Apurva Thakker
Sun, Jun 11, 2017

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