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What is the difference between a programmer, software engineer and a computer scientist



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In the software industry there are programmers, software engineers as well as computer scientists. What is the difference in the job role of these professionals ?
Ravinder Singh
Posted on : Sun, Jun 11, 2017
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A computer programmer is a person who writes the code accoding to the given information or requirements by the software developer. Mostly programmers work is to only code. Its not programmer's job to get requirements from the client.

Where as a Software Engineer go through the proccess of getting requirements from the client as well as managing the software development. Software engineers is also by default a Programmer. Software engineer provides the information and requirements to the programmer for coding.

Computer scientest finds new techonolgies in computer science field and also improve the existing ones. 



Sahil Gaba
Sun, Jun 11, 2017
Ravinder Singh :- Good explanation. Your explanation about a computer scientist is a bit off, we will discuss more about it in the class.
2017-06-11 5:46:41

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Programmer-A programmer is a person who is responsible for writing the code for a particualar application. He has to take into consideration the ouput fot the particular program and has to code accordingly. He has to produce the output which is required.

Software Engineer-Unlike Programmers, Software Engineers have to consider all aspects for developing an application other than coding. They follow various steps to gather information regarding the application and process it accordingly. The frame all the inputs for the application and then the coding part is done at the end. A software Engg may be a programmer but it is not necessary that a programmer may be a software engg.

Computer Scientist-A computer scientist has a good knowledge about a computer, its working and its functionalities. They are responsible for developing devices and making the jobs of a software engg and a programmer easy. They work on optimizing and improving the devices for more convinience of programmers and software engineers.

Apurva Thakker
Sun, Jun 11, 2017
Ravinder Singh :- Good explanation. But we need to discuss more about the job role of a computer scientist.
2017-06-11 5:45:08

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