How to change the href for a hyperlink using jQuery

How can you change the href for a hyperlink using jQuery?

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on : Tue, Oct 07, 2008 Views : 1155856

Accepted Answer

$(a).attr(href, http:

...Will modify the href of all hyperlinks to point to Google. You probably want a somewhat more refined selector though. For instance, if you have a mix of link source (hyperlink) and link target (a.k.a. anchor) anchor tags:

<a name=MyLinks></a> <a href=http:
//>The CodeProject</a> 

...Then you probably don't want to accidentally add href attributes to them. For safety then, we can specify that our selector will only match <a> tags with an existing href attribute:


Of course, you'll probably have something more interesting in mind. If you want to match an anchor with a specific existing href, you might use something like this:

//']).attr('href', 'http:

This will find links where the href exactly matches the string http:
. A more involved task might be matching, then updating only part of the href:


 this.href = this.href.replace(/^http:\/\/beta\.stackoverflow\.com/,


The first part selects only links where the href starts with http:
. Then, a function is defined that uses a simple regular expression to replace this part of the URL with a new one. Note the flexibility this gives you - any sort of modification to the link could be done here.

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on : Tue, Oct 07, 2008

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