Compare two dates with JavaScript

Can someone suggest a way to compare the values of two dates greater than, less than, and not in the past using JavaScript? The values will be coming from text boxes...

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on : Thu, Jan 29, 2009 Views : 1230424

Accepted Answer

The Date object will do what you want - construct one for each date, then compare them using the >, <, <= or >=.

The ==, !=, ===, and !== operators require you to use date.getTime() as in

var d1 = new Date();
 var d2 = new Date(d1);
 var same = d1.getTime() === d2.getTime();
 var notSame = d1.getTime() !== d2.getTime();

to be clear just checking for equality directly with the data objects won't work

var d1 = new Date();
 var d2 = new Date(d1);
  console.log(d1 == d2);
// prints false (wrong!)  console.log(d1 === d2);
// prints false (wrong!) console.log(d1 != d2);
// prints true  (wrong!) console.log(d1 !== d2);
// prints true  (wrong!) console.log(d1.getTime() === d2.getTime());
// prints true (correct) 

I suggest you use drop-downs or some similar constrained form of date entry rather than text boxes, though, lest you find yourself in input validation hell.

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on : Thu, Jan 29, 2009

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