Check if checkbox is checked with jQuery

How can I check if a checkbox in a checkbox array is checked using the id of the checkbox array?

I am using the following code, but it always returns the count of checked checkboxes regardless of id.

function isCheckedById(id) 
   var checked = $(input[@id= + id + ]:checked).length;

 if (checked == 0) 

  return false;
} else 

  return true;

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on : Fri, Feb 05, 2010 Views : 1337766

Accepted Answer

IDs must be unique in your document, meaning that you shouldn't do this:

<input type=checkbox name=chk[] id=chk[] value=Apples /> <input type=checkbox name=chk[] id=chk[] value=Bananas /> 

Instead, drop the ID, and then select them by name, or by a containing element:

<fieldset id=checkArray>
  <input type=checkbox name=chk[] value=Apples />
   <input type=checkbox name=chk[] value=Bananas /> </fieldset> 

And now the jQuery:

var atLeastOneIsChecked = $('#checkArray:checkbox:checked').length > 0;
//there should be no space between identifier and selector  
// or, without the container:  var atLeastOneIsChecked = $('input[name=chk[]]:checked').length > 0;
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on : Fri, Feb 05, 2010

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