How to get the value from the GET parameters?

I have a URL with some GET parameters as follows:

I need to get the whole value of c. I tried to read the URL, but I got only m2. How do I do this using JavaScript?

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on : Thu, Jun 11, 2009 Views : 1383058

Accepted Answer

JavaScript itself has nothing built in for handling query string parameters.

In a (modern) browser you can use the (experimental at time of writing) URL object;

var url_string = http:
//window.location.href var url = new URL(url_string);
 var c = url.searchParams.get(c);

For older browsers, you can use this polyfill or the code from the original version of this answer that predates URL:

You could access, which would give you from the ? character on to the end of the URL or the start of the fragment identifier (#foo), whichever comes first.

Then you can parse it with this:

function parse_query_string(query) 
   var vars = query.split(&
   var query_string = 

   for (var i = 0;
 i < vars.length;

  var pair = vars[i].split(=);

// If first entry with this name
  if (typeof query_string[pair[0]] === undefined) 

    query_string[pair[0]] = decodeURIComponent(pair[1]);

// If second entry with this name
} else if (typeof query_string[pair[0]] === string) 

    var arr = [query_string[pair[0]], decodeURIComponent(pair[1])];

    query_string[pair[0]] = arr;

// If third or later entry with this name
} else 


}   return query_string;
}  var query_string = a=1&
 var parsed_qs = parse_query_string(query_string);

You can get the query string from the URL of the current page with:

var query =;
 var qs = parse_query_string(query);
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on : Thu, Jun 11, 2009

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