jQuery AJAX submit form

I have a form with name orderproductForm and an undefined number of inputs.

I want to do some kind of jQuery.get or ajax or anything like that that would call a page through Ajax, and send along all the inputs of the form orderproductForm.

I suppose one way would be to do something like

action : document.orderproductForm.action.value,
 cartproductid : document.orderproductForm.cartproductid.value,
 productid : document.orderproductForm.productid.value,

However I do not know exactly all the form inputs. Is there a feature, function or something that would just send ALL the form inputs?


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Accepted Answer

You can use the ajaxForm/ajaxSubmit functions from Ajax Form Plugin or the jQuery serialize function.


url: 'server.php', type: 'post'


url: 'server.php', type: 'post'

ajaxForm will send when the submit button is pressed. ajaxSubmit sends immediately.


$.get('server.php?' + $('#theForm').serialize())  $.post('server.php', $('#theForm').serialize()) 

AJAX serialization documentation is here.

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on : Fri, Dec 25, 2009

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