How to format a JavaScript date

How can I format a JavaScript date object to print as 10-Aug-2010?

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on : Mon, Aug 23, 2010 Views : 1981005

Accepted Answer

function formatDate(date) 
   var monthNames = [
  January, February, March,
  April, May, June, July,
  August, September, October,
  November, December   ];

 var day = date.getDate();
   var monthIndex = date.getMonth();
   var year = date.getFullYear();

 return day + ' ' + monthNames[monthIndex] + ' ' + year;
}  console.log(formatDate(new Date()));
// show current date-time in console

You can edit the array monthNames to use Jan, Feb, Mar, etc..

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on : Mon, Aug 23, 2010

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