How do I check if an array includes an object in JavaScript?

What is the most concise and efficient way to find out if a JavaScript array contains an object?

This is the only way I know to do it:

function contains(a, obj) 

  for (var i = 0;
 i < a.length;

  if (a[i] === obj) 

  return true;

  return false;

Is there a better and more concise way to accomplish this?

This is very closely related to Stack Overflow question Best way to find an item in a JavaScript Array? which addresses finding objects in an array using indexOf.

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Accepted Answer

Current browsers have Array#includes, which does exactly that, is widely supported, and has a polyfill for older browsers.

You can also use Array#indexOf, which is less direct, but doesn't require Polyfills for out of date browsers.

jQuery offers $.inArray, which is functionally equivalent to Array#indexOf.

underscore.js, a JavaScript utility library, offers _.contains(list, value), alias _.include(list, value), both of which use indexOf internally if passed a JavaScript array.

Some other frameworks offer similar methods:

Notice that some frameworks implement this as a function, while others add the function to the array prototype.

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