How do I remove a particular element from an array in JavaScript?

I have an array of integers, and I'm using the .push() method to add elements to it.

Is there a simple way to remove a specific element from an array? The equivalent of something like array.remove(int);

I have to use core JavaScript - no frameworks are allowed.

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Accepted Answer

First, find the index of the element you want to remove:

var array = [2, 5, 9];
 var index = array.indexOf(5);

Note: browser support for indexOf is limited; it is not supported in Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

Then remove it with splice:

if (index > -1) 

  array.splice(index, 1);

The second parameter of splice is the number of elements to remove. Note that splice modifies the array in place and returns a new array containing the elements that have been removed.

If you need indexOf in an unsupported browser, try the following polyfill. Find more info about this polyfill here.

Array.prototype.indexOf || (Array.prototype.indexOf = 
function(d, e) 

  var a;

  if (null == this) throw new TypeError('this is null or not defined');

  var c = Object(this),
  b = c.length >>> 0;

  if (0 === b) return -1;

  a = +e || 0;

  Infinity === Math.abs(a) &
 (a = 0);

  if (a >= b) return -1;

  for (a = Math.max(0 <= a ? a : b - Math.abs(a), 0);
 a < b;


  if (a in c &
 c[a] === d) return a;

  return -1 
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on : Sat, Apr 23, 2011

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