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What is the size of a pointer variable ?



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Is the size of a character pointer different from the size of an int pointer or are their sizes same ? If they are same then what is the logic behind the size of all the pointers being the same ?
Ravinder Singh
Posted on : Fri, Jun 24, 2016
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Size of a pointer variable is system dependent. A memory address is considered as integer value. Size of a pointer is fixed, it doesn't depend on the data type it is pointing to. 

The size of pointer is 2 bytes on 16 bit platform
The size of pointer is 4 bytes on 32 bit platform
The size of pointer is 8 bytes on 64 bit platform



int main()
int *iptr = NULL;
float *fptr = NULL;
char *cptr = NULL;

printf("\nSize of Integer Pointer   : %d Bytes",sizeof(iptr));
printf("\nSize of Character Pointer : %d Bytes",sizeof(cptr));
printf("\nSize of Float Pointer     : %d Bytes",sizeof(fptr));

return 0;

Output :

Size of Integer Pointer : 4 Bytes
Size of Character Pointer : 4 Bytes
Size of Float Pointer : 4 Bytes
Manish Rawat
Sat, Dec 23, 2017

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