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How to “properly” override a base class method?



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Whenever i override a method of a base class, other than my implementation of this method, i seem to have 3 choices.

1) Call base.Method(), and then provide my implementation.

2) Provide my implementation and then call base.Method()

3) Just provide my implementation.

Recently while using a library i have realized few bugs that were introduced because of not implementing the method as expected by the library. I am not sure if that is bad on part of library, or something wrong in my understanding.

I will take one example.

public class ViewManager {  public virtual void Customize(){  PrepareBaseView();  }  }    public class PostViewManager {  public override void Customize(){  base.Customize();  PreparePostView();  }  }      public class PreViewManager {  public override void Customize(){  PreparePreView();  base.Customize();  }  }      public class CustomViewManager {  public override void Customize(){  PrepareCustomView();  }  }

My question here is that how could a child class know (without taking a look at base class implementation) which order (or option) is being expected by the parent class? Is there a way in which parent class could enforce one of the three alternates to all the deriving classes?

Ravinder Singh
Posted on : Tue, Apr 12, 2016
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