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PHP JSON or Array to XML
Whats the easiest way to take a JSON or Array object and convert it to XML. Maybe I am looking in all the wrong places b ... View Detail
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How check if a String is a Valid XML with-out Displaying a Warning in PHP
i was trying to check the validity of a string as xml using this simplexml_load_string()Docs function but it displays a ... View Detail
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parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found
I am using PHP for the first time. I am using the php sample for uploading image on ebay sandbox. I am getting the follo ... View Detail
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Selecting a css class with xpath
I want to select just a class on its own called .date For some reason, I cannot get this to work. If anyone knows what ... View Detail
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PHP header for xml with utf-8
I'm using the header() function to turn a file into XML standard. The problem is when I use <?php header(Content-type: t ... View Detail
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How to display XML in HTML in PHP?
I have a string with XML: $string =   <shoes>  <shoe>  <shouename>Shoue</shouename>  </shoe> </shoes> ;  And would lik ... View Detail
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change mime type of output in php
I've got a php script. Most of the time the script returns html, which is working fine, but on one occasion (parameter ? ... View Detail
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The processing instruction target matching [xX][mM][lL] is not allowed
I'm outputting XML in CakePHP. But I'm getting this error when I put my XML into a validator: The processing instructio ... View Detail
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Generating XML document in PHP (escape characters)
I'm generating an XML document from a PHP script and I need to escape the XML special characters. I know the list of cha ... View Detail
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Parsing Huge XML Files in PHP
I'm trying to parse the DMOZ content/structures XML files into MySQL, but all existing scripts to do this are very old a ... View Detail
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How do I see the actual XML generated by PHP SOAP Client Class?
Consider this example SOAP Client script: $SOAP = new SoapClient($WDSL); // Create a SOAP Client from a WSDL  // Build  ... View Detail
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XML Parse Error - Extra content at the end of the document
I am trying to give the option to get either a JSON or XML response. JSON works fine but when I view the XML, I get an ... View Detail
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How do I capture PHP output into a variable?
I'm generating a ton of XML that is to be passed to an API as a post variable when a user click on a form button. I also ... View Detail
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Bullet • in XML
Similar to this question I am consuming an XML product that has some illegal chars in it. I seriously doubt I can get th ... View Detail
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PHP Object as XML Document
What is the best way to take a given PHP object and serialize it as XML? I am looking at simple_xml and I have used it t ... View Detail
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How can I integrate Facebook photo album into website?
Possible Duplicate: Facebook Api - how to access my photo album How can I display photos from a Facebook albu ... View Detail
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Format output of $SimpleXML->asXML();
Possible Duplicate: PHP simpleXML how to save the file in a formatted way? Edit Yes, this is a duplicate. Voted ... View Detail
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How do you make strings XML safe?
I am responding to an AJAX call by sending it an XML document through PHP echos. In order to form this XML document, I ... View Detail
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Forcing a SimpleXML Object to a string, regardless of context
Let's say I have some XML like this <channel>   <item>  <title>This is title 1</title>   </item> </channel>  The code ... View Detail
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How to get the value of an attribute from XML file in PHP?
Sorry if this seems like an easy question, but I've started pulling hair out on this... I have a XML file which looks l ... View Detail
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How can I send SOAP XML via Curl and PHP?
This has been bugging me for days; I'm trying to send a SOAP post via Curl but I just keep getting a couldn't connect to ... View Detail
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preg_match(); - Unknown modifier '+'
Alright, so I'm currently working on parsing an RSS feed. I've gotten the data I need no problem, and all I have left is ... View Detail
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Send XML data to webservice using php curl
I'm working on Flight API of arzoo. The server must receive the posted data in simple POST Request. To achieve this i'm ... View Detail
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Sending XML data using HTTP POST with PHP
I need to send this XML    <?xml version=1.0 encoding=UTF-8?> <gate> <country>NO</country> <accessNumber>1900</accessNu ... View Detail
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Remove a child with a specific attribute, in SimpleXML for PHP
I have several identical elements with different attributes that I'm accessing with SimpleXML: <data>  <seg id=A1/>  <s ... View Detail
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