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How to get the number of items in a combobox?
How can I get the number of items listed in a combobox?
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Is it possible to use ShowDialog without blocking all forms?
I hope I can explain this clearly enough. I have my main form (A) and it opens 1 child form (B) using form.Show() and a ... View Detail
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Using loops to get at each item in a ListView?
What is a nice and effective way of getting at each item in a ListView of more than one column using loops? After doing ... View Detail
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C# AutoComplete
I am trying to add an autocomplete feature to a textbox, the results are coming from a database. They come in the format ... View Detail
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How do I right align controls in a StatusStrip?
I am trying to right align a control in a StatusStrip. How can I do that? I don't see a property to set on ToolStripIte ... View Detail
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how to change the name of the tabcontrol
I am using a Tab Control in a C# WinForms application. I want to change the title of the tabs. By default they are tabPa ... View Detail
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Combine two (or more) PDF's
Background: I need to provide a weekly report package for my sales staff. This package contains several (5-10) crystal r ... View Detail
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How to set Z-order of a Control using WinForms
I'm writing a custom TextBox that upon gaining focus changes its border style. As adding a border causes the control to ... View Detail
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Keep window on top and steal focus in WinForms
I realize that this would be COMPLETELY bad practice in normal situations, but this is just for a test app that needs to ... View Detail
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Set TabPage Header Color
Greetings, I have a tab control and I want to have 1 of the tabs have it's text color changed on a event. I've found an ... View Detail
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Detecting design mode from a Control's constructor
Following-on from this question, is it possible to detect whether one is in design or runtime mode from within an object ... View Detail
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How do I disable the horizontal scrollbar in a Panel
I have a panel (Windows Forms) and I want to disable a panels horizontal scrollbar. I tried this: HorizontalScroll.Enab ... View Detail
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Using DialogResult Correctly
In an answer to a recent question I had (Here), Hans Passant stated that I should set the DialogResult to close my forms ... View Detail
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Find node clicked under context menu
How can I find out which node in a tree list the context menu has been activated? For instance right-clicking a node and ... View Detail
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Allow multi-select in a .NET TreeView
I'm stuck in .NET 2.0 Windows Forms. It doesn't look like the ability to select multiple nodes exists in the standard T ... View Detail
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How to call an event manually in C#?
I have a USerControll in which i have a textbox. I use the usercontrol in my form, I want to do something when somebody ... View Detail
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Getting JSON data from a response stream and reading it as a string?
I am trying to read a response from a server that I receive when I send a POST request. Viewing fiddler, it says it is a ... View Detail
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Pass-through mouse events to parent control
Environment: .NET Framework 2.0, VS 2008. I am trying to create a subclass of certain .NET controls (label, panel) that ... View Detail
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How to double buffer .NET controls on a form?
How can I set the protected DoubleBuffered property of the controls on a form that are suffering from flicker?
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Textbox display formatting
I want to add , to after every group of 3 digits. Eg : when I type 3000000 the textbox will display 3,000,000 but the va ... View Detail
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Compare two DataTables and select the rows that are not present in second table
I have two DataTables and I want to select the rows from the first one which are not present in second one For example: ... View Detail
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How to pass user credentials to web service?
I am consuming a webservice using WSDL in windows application. When I try to use method, i get the following error:- ... View Detail
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Stop the 'Ding' when pressing Enter
I have a very simple Windows Forms Application. And, in Windows (or, atleast Windows Forms Applications), when you press ... View Detail
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Cursor.Current vs. this.Cursor
Is there a difference between Cursor.Current and this.Cursor (where this is a WinForm) in .Net? I've always used this.Cu ... View Detail
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How to get cell value of DataGridView by column name?
I have a WinForms application with a DataGridView, which DataSource is a DataTable (filled from SQL Server) which has a ... View Detail
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