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How get value from URL
I want to get value from URL to choose data from database by ID. I want value for id. For example if I open www.example ... View Detail
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Detecting a url using preg_match? without http:// in the string
I was wondering how I could check a string broken into an array against a preg_match to see if it started with www. I al ... View Detail
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Get category URL key in Magento
How do I get the URL key of a category in Magento. I have added this text in URL key field the CMS: Category-1  This i ... View Detail
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URL Decoding in PHP
I am trying to decode this URL string using PHP's urldecode function: urldecode(Ant%C3%B4nio+Carlos+Jobim);  This is s ... View Detail
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How to get multiple parameters with same name from a URL in PHP
I have a PHP application that will on occasion have to handle URLs where more than one parameter in the URL will have th ... View Detail
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Replace URLs in text with HTML links
Here is a design though: For example is I put a link such as http://example.com in textarea. How do I get PHP to d ... View Detail
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Get only filename from url in php without any variable values which exist in the url
I want to get filename without any $_GET variable values from a url in php? My url is http://learner.com/learningphp.ph ... View Detail
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How to pass multiple values of a variable through a URL
I've an application that I'm building, and I'm stuck at a certain point. I'm trying to pass a variable that has multipl ... View Detail
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Get title of website via link
Notice how Google News has sources on the bottom of each article excerpt. The Guardian - ABC News - Reuters - Blo ... View Detail
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Get domain name from full URL
say someone enters a URL like this: http://i.imgur.com/a/b/c?query=value&query2=value  And I want to return: imgur.com ... View Detail
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Get Last Part of URL PHP
I'm just wondering how I can extract the last part of a URL using PHP. The example URL is: http://domain.com/artist/so ... View Detail
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Manipulate a url string by adding GET parameters
I want to add GET parameters to URLs that may and may not contain GET parameters without repeating ? or &. Example: If ... View Detail
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Using PHP Replace SPACES in URLS with %20
I'm looking to replace all instances of spaces in urls with %20. How would I do that with regex? Thank you!
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Download image from URL using php code?
How can I use php to download an image from URL (eg: https://www.google.com/images/srpr/logo3w.png) then save it? This i ... View Detail
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Cake PHP redirect with parameters in url
I have a page that I want to redirect to that requires parameters in the URL: http://www.example.com/myController/myActi ... View Detail
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How to print current URL path?
I want to print out the current URL path, but my code doesn't work propperly. I use this in my file.php echo http://.$ ... View Detail
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PHP check if url parameter exists
I have a URL which i pass parameters into example/success.php?id=link1 I use php to grab it $slide = ($_GET[id]); ... View Detail
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How to get the previous url using PHP
Suppose my site's url is given as hyperlink on some page on the internet; that page could be anything on internet - blog ... View Detail
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Beautiful way to remove GET-variables with PHP?
I have a string with a full URL including GET variables. Which is the best way to remove the GET variables? Is there a n ... View Detail
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PHP ini file_get_contents external url
I use following PHP function: file_get_contents('http://example.com'); Whenever I do this on a certain server, the res ... View Detail
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passing php variable using url
I want to pass some php variable using url...I tried the following code. link.php <html> <body> <?php $a='Link1'; $b= ... View Detail
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Get fragment (value after hash '#') from a URL in php
How can I get the fragment (value after hash '#') from a URL in php? Say from http://domain.com/site/gallery/1#photo45 ... View Detail
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Get current URL path in PHP
I need to get the path from the URL of the current request. For example, if the current URL is: http://www.example.com/ ... View Detail
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PHP validation/regex for URL
I've been looking for a simple regex for URL's, does anybody have one handy that works well? I didn't find one with the ... View Detail
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How to pass extra variables in URL with Wordpress
I am having trouble trying to pass an extra variable in the url to my wordpress installation. For example /news?c=123 ... View Detail
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