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PHPUnit: assert two arrays are equal, but order of elements not important
What is a good way to assert that two arrays of objects are equal, when the order of the elements in the array is unimpo ... View Detail
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How can I get PHPUnit MockObjects to return different values based on a parameter?
I've got a PHPUnit mock object that returns 'return value' no matter what its arguments: // From inside a test... $mock ... View Detail
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Getting PHPUnit Working - Include Path not set correctly?
I'm trying to get PHPUnit working on my development environment but I've hit a bit of a roadblock when it comes to inclu ... View Detail
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How to output in CLI during execution of PHP Unit tests?
When running a PHPUnit test, I would like to be able to dump output so I can debug one or two things. I have tried the ... View Detail
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Best practices to test protected methods with PHPUnit
I found the discussion on Do you test private method informative. I have decided, that in some classes, I want to have ... View Detail
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Unit testing that an event is raised in C#
I have some code that raises PropertyChanged events and I would like to be able to unit test that the events are being r ... View Detail
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How do you mock out the file system in C# for unit testing?
Are there any libraries or methods to mock out the file system in C# to write unit tests? In my current case I have meth ... View Detail
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Controlling execution order of unit tests in Visual Studio
Okay, I'm done searching for good information on this. I have a series of Unit Tests that call a static class which, onc ... View Detail
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Using Moq, How to setup a method call with an input parameter as an object with expected property values?
Using Moq, How to setup a method call with an input parameter as an object with expected property values?  var storageM ... View Detail
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How to mock static methods in c# using MOQ framework?
I have been doing unit testing recently and i successfully mocked various scenario with using MOQ framework and MS Tests ... View Detail
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Unit test, NUnit or Visual studio?
I'm using Visual studio (sometimes resharper) to run my unit test. I heard about NUnit, but I don't know many things ab ... View Detail
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How to write output from a unit test?
Any call in my unit tests to either Debug.Write(line) or Console.Write(Line) simply gets skipped over while debugging an ... View Detail
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Unit Testing: DateTime.Now
I have some unit tests that expects the 'current time' to be different than DateTime.Now and I don't want to change the ... View Detail
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How can I get Copy to Output Directory to work with Unit Tests?
When I build a unit test project before the tests are executed the test output is copied to a TestResults folder and the ... View Detail
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How to add cookies to WebRequest?
I am trying to unit test some code, and I need to to replace this:   HttpWebRequest httpWebRequest = (HttpWebRequest)We ... View Detail
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Verifying a specific parameter with Moq
public void SubmitMessagesToQueue_OneMessage_SubmitSuccessfully() {  var messageServiceClientMock = new Mock<IMessageSer ... View Detail
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Unit testing void methods?
What is the best way to unit test a method that doesn't return anything? Specifically in c#. What I am really trying to ... View Detail
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Problems with DeploymentItem attribute
I'm currently maintaining an old system written in C#.net, removing some obsolete features and doing some refactoring. T ... View Detail
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How are people unit testing with Entity Framework 6, should you bother?
I am just starting out with Unit testings and TDD in general. I have dabbled before but now I am determined to add it to ... View Detail
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Using Moq to determine if a method is called
It is my understanding that I can test that a method call will occur if I call a higher level method, i.e.: public abst ... View Detail
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How do you know what to test when writing unit tests?
Using C#, I need a class called User that has a username, password, active flag, first name, last name, full name, etc. ... View Detail
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Test method is inconclusive: Test wasn't run. Error?
I have a test class and below I have posted a sample test from the test class namespace AdminPortal.Tests.Controller_Te ... View Detail
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Why am I getting an Exception with the message Invalid setup on a non-virtual (overridable in VB) member...?
I have a unit test where I have to mock a non-virtual method that returns a bool type public class XmlCupboardAccess {  ... View Detail
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Which unit testing framework?
I wondered which unit testing framework would be a good one to get really familiar with? I know this might be a questio ... View Detail
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How to run a test method with multiple parameters in MSTest?
NUnit has a feature called Values, like below: [Test] public void MyTest(  [Values(1,2,3)] int x,  [Values(A,B)] string ... View Detail
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