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How to modify/add code to the initComponents() method in Java using NetBeans?
How to modify/add code to the initComponents() method in Java on NetBeans? When I try to add any line of code this area ... View Detail
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How to add multiple ActionListeners for multiple buttons in Java Swing
I know how to create one button and an Action Listener for it. But I want to have several buttons and actionListeners fo ... View Detail
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How to add a progress bar?
I have been trying to understand how to add a progress bar, I can create one within the GUI I am implementing and get it ... View Detail
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How to get directory path using JFileChooser?
I have a small java GUI application with a text field on it. When the user clicks the text field an event is triggered ... View Detail
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action listener in another class - java
it is possible to have two class, and in one something like arrayButtons[i][j].addActionListener(actionListner);  and ... View Detail
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How to clear JTextArea?
I'm trying to clear the JTextArea. Currently, I'm using jtextarea.setText(null);  What is the difference if I use ... View Detail
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How can I refresh a JTree after adding some nodes to the underlying model?
First of all, let me say that I dont use the DefaultTreeModel. I implement my own TreeModel, so i cant use the DefaultXX ... View Detail
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How can I create a modern looking Java desktop application?
Similar questions to this are asked periodically, but many of these answers are outdated. I need to build a cross-platf ... View Detail
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Creating a custom button in Java with JButton
I am trying to create a button that has a custom shape (hexagon), but otherwise acts like a normal JButton would (that i ... View Detail
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how add a listener for jtexfield when it changing?
I have a JTextField. I want to invoke a function when the text in it is changed. How do I do that?
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Java swing: Multiline labels?
Possible Duplicate: Multiline text in JLabel I want to do this: JLabel myLabel = new JLabel(); myLabel.setTe ... View Detail
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How to set the location of a button anywhere in your JFrame
What I want to do is put the button down the bottom left of the application. Could somebody just give me an example of h ... View Detail
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How can I remove a JPanel from a JFrame?
Recently I asked here how to add a new JPanel to JFrame. The answer helped me to get a working code. But not I have a re ... View Detail
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How can I fill a combobox with values in a database?
how to insert a combobox with values ​​from the data base I want to select from the database and add in the combobox I h ... View Detail
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How can I make my columns different sizes using GridLayout in swing?
I'm using a GridLayout and my code is as follows: int changingVar = 1;  JPanel panel = new JPanel(new GridLayout(changi ... View Detail
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How can I display a BufferedImage in a JFrame?
I want to display variations of the same image in the same JFrame, for example display an image in JFrame, then replace ... View Detail
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How to set fix size of jlabel?
I am trying to make a java desktop application where I am using multiple JLabel I want to set fix height and width of JL ... View Detail
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How to draw circle on JPanel? Java 2D
I have a JPanel for which I set some image as the background. I need to draw a bunch of circles on top of the image. Now ... View Detail
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addKeyListener() doesn't work for JPanel
I am trying to make a game engine. I have made the Game class but the error resides in the KeyBoard class. Here I leave ... View Detail
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How do we show the gridline in GridLayout?
How do we show the gridline in GridLayout? in Java? JPanel panel = new JPanel(new GridLayout(10,10)); panel.setBorder(B ... View Detail
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How to clear JTextField when mouse clicks the JTextField
I need to make this program clear the text from the text field when the mouse clicks in that text field. I have tried a ... View Detail
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Drawing an Image to a JPanel within a JFrame
I am designing a program that contains two JPanels within a JFrame, one is for holding an image, the other for holding G ... View Detail
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JTable Cell Renderer
I'm following some code I found, (Yes I understand how it works) It's from here :Code Link What i'm trying to do is set ... View Detail
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What is the relation between ContentPane and JPanel?
I found one example in which buttons are added to panels (instances of JPanel) then panels are added to the the containe ... View Detail
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JFrame.setBackground() not working -- why?
 JFrame mainFrame = new JFrame();  mainFrame.setSize(100, 100);  mainFrame.setBackground(Color.CYAN);  mainFrame.setVisi ... View Detail
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