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Get the string after a string from a string
what's the fastest way to get only the important_stuff part from a string like this: bla-bla_delimiter_important_stuff  ... View Detail
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Return the portion of a string before the first occurrence of a character in php
In PHP, what is the simplest way to return the portion of a string before the first occurrence of a specific character? ... View Detail
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How to replace Microsoft-encoded quotes in PHP
I need to replace Microsoft Word version of single and double quotations marks (“ ” ‘ ’) with regular quotes (' and ) du ... View Detail
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Regex & PHP - isolate src attribute from img tag
With PHP, how can I isolate the contents of the src attribute from $foo? The end result I'm looking for would give me ju ... View Detail
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PHP: Best way to extract text within parenthesis?
What's the best/most efficient way to extract text set between parenthesis? Say I wanted to get the string text from the ... View Detail
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PHP Find all occurrences of a substring in a string
I need to parse an HTML document and to find all occurrences of string asdf in it. I currently have the HTML loaded int ... View Detail
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Trim   with PHP
I have a sentence like this. 1 $nbsp;     2     3   4  As you see, in between 1 2 and 3 text, ... View Detail
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Remove Trailing Slash From String PHP
Is it possible to remove the trailing slash / from a string using PHP?
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php only allow letters, numbers, spaces and specific symbols using pregmatch
on my php i use preg_match to validate input texts. if(preg_match('/^[a-zA-Z0-9]+$/', $firstname)) { }  But this only ... View Detail
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Is a new line = \n OR \r\n?
I've seen many developers use different methods to split a string by new lines, but i'm confused which is the correct: \ ... View Detail
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How to check that a string is an int, but not a double, etc.?
PHP has an intval() function that will convert a string to an integer. However I want to check that the string is an int ... View Detail
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How can I get a hex dump of a string in PHP?
I'm investigating encodings in PHP5. Is there some way to get a raw hex dump of a string? i.e. a hex representation of e ... View Detail
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Remove control characters from PHP string
How can I remove control characters like STX from a PHP string? I played around with preg_replace(/[^a-zA-Z0-9 .\-_;!:? ... View Detail
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get first letter of each word
How would I get the first letter of each word for a given string? $string = Community College District; $result = CCD;  ... View Detail
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Convert array to string
I have an array of strings and I need to build a string of values separated by some character like comma $tags; 
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How to remove accents and turn letters into plain ASCII characters?
What is the most efficient way to remove accents from a string e.g. ÈâuÑ becomes Eaun? Is there a simple, built in way ... View Detail
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Convert a String to Variable
I've got a multidimensional associative array which includes an elements like $data[status] $data[response][url] $data[ ... View Detail
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How to select first 10 words of a sentence?
How do I, from an output, only select the first 10 words?
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Calling PHP functions within HEREDOC strings
In PHP, the HEREDOC string declarations are really useful for outputting a block of html. You can have it parse in vari ... View Detail
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how to replace special characters with the ones they're based on in PHP?
How do I replace: ã with a é with e in PHP? Is this possible? I've read somewhere I could do some math with the asci ... View Detail
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Function split() is deprecated in PHP?
$stringText = [TEST-1] test task 1 Created: 06/Apr/11  Updated: 06/Apr/11;  $splitArray = split( ,$stringText);  Dep ... View Detail
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How to convert array values to lowercase in PHP?
How can I convert all values in an array to lowercase in PHP? Something like array_change_key_case?
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Splitting strings in PHP and get last part
I need to split a string in PHP by - and get the last part. So from this: abc-123-xyz-789 I expect to get 78 ... View Detail
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Delete first 3 characters and last 3 characters from String PHP
I need to delete the first 3 letters of a string and the last 3 letters of a string. I know I can use substr() to start ... View Detail
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How to search text using php if ($text contains World)
How to search text using php? Something like: <?php  $text = Hello World!;  if ($text contains World) {  echo True; } ... View Detail
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