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reading SSL page with CURL (php)
I am trying to download the content of a secure (uses https) webpage using php and curl libraries. However, reading fai ... View Detail
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Connecting to Gmail through IMAP with PHP - SSL context failed
I'm trying to connect to Gmail through IMAP with PHP running in Apache. This is on an Ubuntu 9.04 system. I've got som ... View Detail
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How do I solve ldap_start_tls() Unable to start TLS: Connect error in PHP?
I'm getting: Warning: ldap_start_tls() [function.ldap-start-tls]: Unable to start TLS: Connect error in /var/w ... View Detail
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PHPMailer generates PHP Warning: stream_socket_enable_crypto(): Peer certificate did not match expected
I am using PHPMailer on PHP 5.6, the increased security around certificated in PHP 5.6 is certainly fun. I am trying to ... View Detail
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Disable certificate verification in PHP SoapClient
Summary: Is there a way to force the built in SoapClient-class in PHP to connect over HTTPS to a server with an invalid ... View Detail
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laravel No supported encrypter found. The cipher and / or key length are invalid
I am building a project using Laravel. It was working fine on localhost, but when I upload it to the server (the server ... View Detail
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PHPMailer to use Gmail as SMTP server.Could not connect to SMTP host. Mailer Error: SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host
i am trying to use phpMailer to send confirmation messages to users via email. my code is this: <?php include(class.php ... View Detail
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Error using PHP cURL with SSL certificates
I'm trying to write a PHP script using cURL that can authorize a user through a page that uses an SSL certificate, in ad ... View Detail
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How to enable SSL in WAMP Server?
I have installed WAMP server on my machine. Now how do I secure traffic to and from my site with SSL/TLS?
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Mail not sending with PHPMailer over SSL using SMTP
I am trying to use PHPMailer to send e-mails over SMTP but so far have had no luck. I've gone through a number of SO que ... View Detail
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cURL error 60: SSL certificate: unable to get local issuer certificate
I use WAMP on a local development environment and am trying to charge a credit card but get the error message: cURL ... View Detail
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Setting up SSL on a local xampp/apache server
I'm trying to access a Active Directory from my local webserver. To do this I'm using the latest version of xampp and a ... View Detail
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Socket transport ssl in PHP not enabled
I'm having trouble enabling the socket transport ssl in PHP. When I run my script, I get the error: Warning: fsocko ... View Detail
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PHP - SSL certificate error: unable to get local issuer certificate
I'm running PHP Version 5.6.3 as part of XAMPP on Windows 7. When I try to use the Mandrill API, I'm getting the follow ... View Detail
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file_get_contents(): SSL operation failed with code 1. And more
I’ve been trying to access this particular REST service from a PHP page I’ve created on our server. I narrowed the prob ... View Detail
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PHP Get Site URL Protocol - http vs https
I've written a little function to establish the current site url protocol but I don't have SSL and don't know how to tes ... View Detail
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Force SSL/https using .htaccess and mod_rewrite
How can I force to SSL/https using .htaccess and mod_rewrite page specific in PHP.
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HTTPS and SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed, CA is OK
I am using XAMPP for development. Recently I upgraded my installation of xampp from an old version to 1.7.3. Now when ... View Detail
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Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel, despite setting ServerCertificateValidationCallback
I'm trying to establish SSL/TLS connection to test server with self-signed certificate. Communication through unsecure c ... View Detail
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Error 502 (Bad Gateway) when sending a request with HttpWebRequest over SSL
I have the following snippet in classic ASP, to send a command and retrieve the response over SSL: Dim xmlHTTP Set xmlH ... View Detail
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Using a self-signed certificate with .NET's HttpWebRequest/Response
I'm trying to connect to an API that uses a self-signed SSL certificate. I'm doing so using .NET's HttpWebRequest and Ht ... View Detail
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The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel
My customer has informed my of issues with their SSL and Internet Explorer. They said they get trust issues when accessi ... View Detail
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How can I send emails through SSL SMTP with the .NET Framework?
Is there a way with the .NET Framework to send emails through an SSL SMTP server on port 465? The usual way: System.Ne ... View Detail
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Getting The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure when SMPT server has a valid certificate
This seems a common error but while I've found a work-around (see below) I can't pin down the reason I'm getting it in t ... View Detail
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Which versions of SSL/TLS does System.Net.WebRequest support?
Now that SSL 3 has been found to be vulnerable to the POODLE attack: Which versions of SSL/TLS does System.Net.WebReq ... View Detail
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