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Change date format (in DB or output) to dd/mm/yyyy - PHP MySQL
MySQL stores the date in my database (by default) as 'YYYY-MM-DD' The field type for my date is 'DATE' (I do not need an ... View Detail
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How to use php array with sql IN operator?
I have and array with two values and I want to use it with sql IN operator in select query. Here is the structure of my ... View Detail
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PHP - Import CSV file to mysql database Using LOAD DATA INFILE
I have a .csv file data like that Date,Name,Call Type,Number,Duration,Address,PostalCode,City,State,Country,Latitude,Lo ... View Detail
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Log the actual SQL query using ActiveRecord with Yii2?
I'm doing this: $students = Student::find()->all();  return $this->render('process', array('students' => $students));  ... View Detail
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How to execute raw queries with Laravel 5.1?
So I have this tiny query to run on my DB and it works fine in MySQL Workbench. Basically, a SELECT with LEFT JOIN and U ... View Detail
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MySQL INTO OUTFILE override existing file?
I've written a big sql script that creates a CSV file. I want to call a cronjob every night to create a fresh CSV file a ... View Detail
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how to generate OTP and send the password to mobile via sms
I am doing a project of using OTP for the login of the websites, I have created a button named Generate once clicked it ... View Detail
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Error: mysqlnd cannot connect to MySQL 4.1+ using the old insecure authentication
I am getting the following error: Database connection failed: mysqlnd cannot connect to MySQL 4.1+ using the old ins ... View Detail
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Select all records using MySQL LIMIT and OFFSET query
I'm looking for a way to accomplish: SELECT * FROM table  but by using LIMIT and OFFSET like so: SELECT * FROM table  ... View Detail
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SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter number: number of bound variables does not match number of tokens on line 102
I am receiving the error of SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter number: number of bound variables does not match number o ... View Detail
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Extract a substring between two characters in a string PHP
Is there a php function that can extract a phrase between 2 different characters in a string? Something like substr(); ... View Detail
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Check SQL database if value exists and then return value if it does
I am pretty new to both php and SQL. I have a login page where I ask for the users username and password. I would like ... View Detail
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How do I use a complex criteria inside a doctrine 2 entity's repository?
Lets say I have a table that holds information about festivals. Each festival has a start and end date. I want to selec ... View Detail
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Check if a string is an email address in PHP
I am trying to do an SQL query, but I need to check somehow if the value is an email address. I need a way to check if $ ... View Detail
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Symfony2 & Doctrine: Create custom SQL-Query
How can I create a custom SQL query in Symfony2 using Doctrine? Or without Doctrine, I don't care. Doesn't work like th ... View Detail
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how do I get month from date in mysql
I want to be able to fetch results from mysql with a statement like this: SELECT * FROM table   WHERE amount > 1000   ... View Detail
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Insert into MySQL Table PHP
I am having some trouble making a simple form to insert data into a MySQL table. I keep getting this SQL error: Erro ... View Detail
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MYSQL Select Query with SUM()
I have the following table: | campaign_id | source_id | clicked | viewed | -------------------------------------------- ... View Detail
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How do I subtract using SQL in MYSQL between two date time values and retrieve the result in minutes or second?
I want to subtract between two date time values using SQL in MySQL such that I get the interval in minutes or seconds. A ... View Detail
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Increase and decrease row value by 1 in MySQL
Hi I have a MySQL database table points the user can click a button and a point should be removed from their account, th ... View Detail
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Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on null
I'm not sure what's going wrong here. I was just following a tutorial online and these errors popped up. I'm getting th ... View Detail
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Checking if mysql_query returned anything or not
$query = SELECT * FROM `table`; $results = mysql_query($query, $connection);  If 'table' has no rows. whats the easiest ... View Detail
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CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS fails with table already exists
I have the following code: $db_host = 'localhost'; $db_port = '3306'; $db_username = 'root'; $db_password = 'root'; $db ... View Detail
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How to use andWhere and orWhere in Doctrine?
WHERE a = 1 AND (b = 1 Or b = 2) AND (c = 1 OR c = 2)  How can i make this in Doctrine? $q->where(a = 1); $q->andWhere ... View Detail
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Create HTML table from sql table
I have a table in a SQL database with the following fields: ID, Name, Email, University, Languages, and Experience. I wa ... View Detail
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