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Issues with PHP 5.3 and sessions folder
I recently upgraded to PHP 5.3 and since then I get (sporadic) error messages which indicate Apache (or may be the clean ... View Detail
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Destroy PHP Session on closing
I have created a simple login page which is based on the sessions. session_start();  and added a logout page that cont ... View Detail
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Clear session variable after use
Is it possible to use a session variable, then unset it directly after? Example: //==== //Process Form if ($_POST['Sub ... View Detail
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How do I continue a session from one page to another with PHP
Ok I set up a session... but now how do I make it work on my other pages? I tried doing @session_start();  if(isset($_ ... View Detail
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CodeIgniter Flash Data
I'm struggling with Flash Data in CodeIgniter. I basically want to: add a category to a database redirect user back to ... View Detail
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Maximum size of a PHP session
What is the maximum size that can be stored in a PHP session?
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Undefined index with PHP sessions
I'm new to PHP and am even more of a beginner when it comes to sessions. I have my index.php page, which is where users ... View Detail
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PHP Session with an Incomplete Object
I'm getting an error I don't know how to fix so I wondering if I could get some help. This is the error Fatal error: p ... View Detail
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Determine if $_SESSION superglobal exists in PHP
I want to do something like this: if ($_SESSION['errors'] exists) {  //Do stuff }  I want to create a session on page1 ... View Detail
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If isset $_SESSION goto this page?
Ok, having trouble here: I created a login script, so after a person logs in then they will get direted to another page ... View Detail
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What is the best way to create a random hash/string?
What is the best way of generating a hash for the purpose of storing a session? I am looking for a lightweight, portable ... View Detail
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PHP session without cookies
Is there a way that I can initiate a persistent session in PHP without the placement of a session cookie? Are there othe ... View Detail
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How to properly add CSRF token using PHP
I am trying to add some security to the forms on my website. One of the forms uses AJAX and the other is a straightforwa ... View Detail
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How to tell if a session is active?
Per request, there are a few different ways that you can tell whether or not a session has been started, such as: $isSe ... View Detail
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how to unset cookie in PHP?
I need to figure out how to unset this cookie. Everything I tried so far has failed. This is how I am currently unsetti ... View Detail
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proper way to logout from a session in PHP
I have read many php tutorials for logout scripts, i am wondering what could be the proper way to logout from a session! ... View Detail
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Undefined variable: _SESSION when sending variables via post through JavaScript trigger
In my index.php file I call session_start() and set a couple of session variables. In a second PHP file I would like to ... View Detail
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PHP - Session destroy after closing browser
Though this question has multiple duplicates i could not find proper solution for me. Need Some help. I have used ini_s ... View Detail
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how to get session variables using session id
I have the session id of my application. now i want to get all the session variables by using this session id. I used ... View Detail
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How unique is the php session id
How unique is the php session id? I got the impression from various things that I've read that I should not rely on two ... View Detail
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How can you check if a PHP session exists?
Just wondering how to check if a PHP session exists... My understanding is that no matter what, if I am using sessions, ... View Detail
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How to unset a specific php session on logout
I have 2 sites. In one site this is true: session_is_registered('site1sess')  and in the other one this is true: ... View Detail
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(PHP) How to destroy the session cookie correctly?
I'm trying to correctly log out of an admin user. Here is my function: function logout() {  $_SESSION = array(); //dest ... View Detail
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simple login session php
Having trouble getting my session up and running. I've been over looking my code for the past couple hours and I can't s ... View Detail
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How to set lifetime of session
How to set session lifetime in PHP? I Want to set it to forever as long as the request is exist. The request is AJAX. My ... View Detail
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