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Do I need a framework to build a REST API in PHP?
I am fairly new to PHP (about 8 months). I am building a web app, which is almost ready for beta. I am only now starting ... View Detail
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Laravel retrieving data from REST API
Okay so I have a following situation: The system I am building is retrieving data from a REST api and saving that data ... View Detail
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PHP REST Clients
I'm trying to connect to a RESTful web service, but I'm having some troubles, especially when sending data over PUT and ... View Detail
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How to write a REST API?
I'm writing an iPhone app as a hobby project and it will need a web service to provide it with data. It's not very diffe ... View Detail
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Youtube API v3 , how to get video durations?
I'm using Youtube API v3 to search youtube. https://developers.google.com/youtube/v3/docs/search As you can see the r ... View Detail
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Slim PHP and GET Parameters
I'm playing with Slim PHP as a framework for a RESTful API, and so far it's great. Super easy to work with, but I do hav ... View Detail
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Get Content-Type header of request in PHP
I'm implementing a REST service in PHP. This service should be able to support multiple input and output formats (JSON, ... View Detail
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Send POST data via raw json with postman
I've got Postman (the one that doesn't open in Chrome) and I'm trying to do a POST request using raw json. In the Body ... View Detail
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Handling PUT/DELETE arguments in PHP
I am working on my REST client library for CodeIgniter and I am struggling to work out how to send PUT and DELETE argume ... View Detail
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How to enable and use HTTP PUT and DELETE with Apache2 and PHP?
It should be so simple. I've followed every tutorial and forum I could find, yet I can't get it to work. I simply want t ... View Detail
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So, I was looking through some articles on creating REST API's. And some of them suggest using all types of HTTP request ... View Detail
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How to build a RESTful API?
The issue is this: I have a web application that runs on a PHP server. I'd like to build a REST api for it. I did some r ... View Detail
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Creating a REST API using PHP
I’m creating my first API to which if two values are passed, I should get the response in the JSON format. The number w ... View Detail
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file_get_contents(): SSL operation failed with code 1. And more
I’ve been trying to access this particular REST service from a PHP page I’ve created on our server. I narrowed the prob ... View Detail
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How to post JSON to PHP with curl
I may be way off base, but I've been trying all afternoon to run the curl post command in this recess PHP framework tuto ... View Detail
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How to get body of a POST in php?
I submit as POST to a php page the following: {a:1}  This is the body of the request (a POST request). In php, what d ... View Detail
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How do I make a request using HTTP basic authentication with PHP curl?
I'm building a REST web service client in PHP and at the moment I'm using curl to make requests to the service. How do ... View Detail
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Call a REST API in PHP
Our client had given me a REST API to which I need to make a PHP call to. But as a matter of fact the documentation give ... View Detail
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Parsing Json rest api response in C#
I am trying the pull a value from a rest api json response using C# I have the follow code client.BaseUrl = https://ap ... View Detail
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How to send a Status Code 500 in ASP.Net and still write to the response?
I have an ASP.Net single-file web service (a .ashx file containing an IHttpHandler implementation) which needs to be abl ... View Detail
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How can I return a custom HTTP status code from a WCF REST method?
If something goes wrong in a WCF REST call, such as the requested resource is not found, how can I play with the HTTP re ... View Detail
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Web API 2 POST request simulation in POSTMAN Rest Client
I am using ASP.NET Web API 2 with attribute routing. I have the following PlayerModel. public class PlayerModel {  p ... View Detail
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How to pass multiple parameter in wcf restful service?
IService.cs [OperationContract] [WebGet(UriTemplate = /IsValidUser?userid={userid}&password={password}, RequestFormat = ... View Detail
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Calling a rest api with username and password - how to
I am new to rest api's and calling them via .NET I have an api: https://sub.domain.com/api/operations?param=value&param ... View Detail
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Asp.Net WebApi2 Enable CORS not working with AspNet.WebApi.Cors 5.2.3
I tried to follow the steps at http://enable-cors.org/server_aspnet.html to have my RESTful API (implemented with ASP.NE ... View Detail
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