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replace   characters that are hidden in text
How to remove &nbsp; (that are hidden) and SPACES in below text but hold UNICODE characters hold <br> tag i tested: ... View Detail
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Extract data from website via PHP
I am trying to create a simple alert app for some friends. Basically i want to be able to extract data price and stock ... View Detail
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Detecting a url using preg_match? without http:// in the string
I was wondering how I could check a string broken into an array against a preg_match to see if it started with www. I al ... View Detail
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Get numbers from string with PHP
I have strings: $one = 'foo bar 4 baz (5 qux quux)'; $two = 'bar baz 2 bar'; $three =  'qux bar 12 quux (3 foo)'; $four ... View Detail
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How to match whitespace, carriage return and line feed using regular expression in PHP?
I am working with a regular expression in PHP. I have the following string: <img  src=/files/admin/hotel_website.gif a ... View Detail
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Regex & PHP - isolate src attribute from img tag
With PHP, how can I isolate the contents of the src attribute from $foo? The end result I'm looking for would give me ju ... View Detail
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How to check, if a php string contains only english letters and digits?
In JS I used this code: if(string.match(/[^A-Za-z0-9]+/))  but I don't know, how to do it in PHP.
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preg_match: check birthday format (dd/mm/yyyy)
How do I make the expression which checks the birthday input to match a format like this dd/mm/yyyy? Below is what I cam ... View Detail
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Get content between two strings PHP
Whats is the best way to obtain the content between two strings e.g. ob_start(); include('externalfile.html'); ## see b ... View Detail
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Regular Expression to collect everything after the last /
I'm new at regular expressions and wonder how to phrase one that collects everything after the last /. I'm extracting a ... View Detail
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Replace all characters except letters, numbers, spaces and underscores
I am looking to replace all characters in a string except letters, numbers, spaces and underscores. Could someone plea ... View Detail
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php only allow letters, numbers, spaces and specific symbols using pregmatch
on my php i use preg_match to validate input texts. if(preg_match('/^[a-zA-Z0-9]+$/', $firstname)) { }  But this only ... View Detail
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How do I replace double quotes with single quotes
How can I replace (I think it's called double quotes) with '' (I think its called single quotes) using PHP?
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Remove control characters from PHP string
How can I remove control characters like STX from a PHP string? I played around with preg_replace(/[^a-zA-Z0-9 .\-_;!:? ... View Detail
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parse youtube video id using preg_match
I am attempting to parse the video ID of a youtube URL using preg_match. I found a regular expression on this site that ... View Detail
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Regular expression pattern to match url with or without http://www
I'm not very good at regular expressions at all. I've been using a lot of framework code to date, but I'm unable to fin ... View Detail
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How to remove accents and turn letters into plain ASCII characters?
What is the most efficient way to remove accents from a string e.g. ÈâuÑ becomes Eaun? Is there a simple, built in way ... View Detail
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How to remove all numbers from string?
I'd like to remove all numbers from a string [0-9]. I wrote this code that is working: $words = preg_replace('/0/', '', ... View Detail
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Replace Multiple Newline, Tab, Space
I want to replace multiple Newline characters with one Newline character, multiple spaces with a single space. I tried p ... View Detail
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Validate username as alphanumeric with underscores
On my registration page I need to validate the usernames as alphanumeric only, but also with optional underscores. I've ... View Detail
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Replace URLs in text with HTML links
Here is a design though: For example is I put a link such as http://example.com in textarea. How do I get PHP to d ... View Detail
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Email validation using regular expression in PHP
I am pretty much new with regular expression. I am developing a project in PHP and i need to validate email address. Af ... View Detail
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How do I remove blank lines from text in PHP?
I need to remove blank lines (with whitespace or absolutely blank) in PHP. I use this regular expression, but it does n ... View Detail
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PHP regular expressions: No ending delimiter '^' found in
I've been having some trouble with regular expressions. This is my code $pattern = ^([0-9]+)$;  if (preg_match($patte ... View Detail
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What is the MM/DD/YYYY regular expression and how do I use it in php?
I found the regular expression for MM/DD/YYYY at http://www.regular-expressions.info/regexbuddy/datemmddyyyy.html but I ... View Detail
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