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How to get the assembly (System.Reflection.Assembly) for a given type in .Net?
In .Net, given a type name, is there a method that tells me in which assembly (instance of System.Reflection.Assembly) t ... View Detail
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Using reflection in C# to get properties of a nested object
Given the following objects: public class Customer {  public String Name { get; set; }  public String Address { get; se ... View Detail
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C# Reflection - Get field values from a simple class
I have a class: class A {  public string a = A-val , b = B-val; }  I want to print the object members by reflection ... View Detail
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How can you loop over the properties of a class?
Is there a way in c# to loop over the properties of a class? Basically I have a class that contains a large number of p ... View Detail
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How to call generic method with a given Type object?
I want to call my generic method with a given type object. void Foo(Type t) {   MyGenericMethod<t>(); }  obviously doe ... View Detail
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EntityFramework Get object by ID?
Is it possible with Generics to get an object from my EntityFramework without knowing the type? I'm thinking of somethi ... View Detail
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Convert.ChangeType() fails on Nullable Types
I want to convert a string to an object property value, whose name I have as a string. I am trying to do this like so: ... View Detail
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Using the Web Application version number from an assembly (ASP.NET/C#)
How do I obtain the version number of the calling web application in a referenced assembly? I've tried using System.Ref ... View Detail
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How do I check if a property exists on a dynamic anonymous type in c#?
I have an anonymous type object that I receive as a dynamic from a method I would like to check in a property exists on ... View Detail
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C# object to array
Using reflection I have an object which I need to cast into an iterable list of items (type unknown, will be object). Us ... View Detail
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C# reflection - load assembly and invoke a method if it exists
I want to load an assembly (its name is stored in a string), use reflection to check if it has a method called CustomTyp ... View Detail
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Non-static method requires a target C#
I have a win form app with a listbox displaying methods (by attribute). I am attempting to dynamically invoke methods in ... View Detail
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Retrieving the calling method name from within a method
Possible Duplicate: How can I find the method that called the current method? I have a method in an object th ... View Detail
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How To Test if Type is Primitive
I have a block of code that serializes a type into a Html tag. Type t = typeof(T); // I pass <T> in as a paramter, wher ... View Detail
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Why is the use of reflection in .NET recommended?
Is it definitely a good practice to use it? What are some possible situations in a project that need reflection?
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How to check if object is an array of a certain type?
This works fine: var expectedType = typeof(string); object value = ...; if (value.GetType().IsAssignableFrom(expectedTy ... View Detail
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How can I get the value of a string property via Reflection?
public class Foo { public string Bar {get; set;} }  How do I get the value of Bar, a string property, via reflection? T ... View Detail
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Create object instance of a class having its name in string variable
I don't know the thing I am asking is available or not but I just want to know if it exists and how it works. So here is ... View Detail
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How to determine if a type implements a specific generic interface type
Assume the following type definitions: public interface IFoo<T> : IBar<T> {} public class Foo<T> : IFoo<T> {}  How do ... View Detail
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Check if a property exist in a class
I try to know if a property exist in a class, I tried this : public static bool HasProperty(this object obj, string pro ... View Detail
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C# Using Activator.CreateInstance
I asked a question yesterday regarding using either reflection or Strategy Pattern for dynamically calling methods. How ... View Detail
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Get all inherited classes of an abstract class
I have an abstract class: abstract class AbstractDataExport {   public string name;   public abstract bool ExportData() ... View Detail
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C#: How to get all public (both get and set) string properties of a type
I am trying to make a method that will go through a list of generic objects and replace all their properties of type str ... View Detail
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Using C# reflection to call a constructor
I have the following scenario: class Addition{  public Addition(int a){ a=5; }  public static int add(int a,int b) {ret ... View Detail
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What is the C# equivalent to Java's isInstance()?
I know of is and as for instanceof, but what about the reflective isInstance() method?
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