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Getting All $_POST From Multiple Select Value
I have this HTML code : <select name=cars>   <option value=volvo>Volvo</option>   <option value=saab>Saab</option>   <o ... View Detail
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Clear session variable after use
Is it possible to use a session variable, then unset it directly after? Example: //==== //Process Form if ($_POST['Sub ... View Detail
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CodeIgniter Flash Data
I'm struggling with Flash Data in CodeIgniter. I basically want to: add a category to a database redirect user back to ... View Detail
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Prevent Back button from showing POST confirmation alert
I have an application that supplies long list of parameters to a web page, so I have to use POST instead of GET. The pro ... View Detail
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Jquery AJAX post to PHP
OK i've got my json string built but i'm not sure what to do next?? $('#submit').live('click',function(){       var dat ... View Detail
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PHP some $_POST values missing but are present in php://input
I have a very big html form (containing table with rows, which contain multiple inputs), which i need to submit to PHP s ... View Detail
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Request Entity Too Large PHP
In one of my CakePHP site, I got this error. Request Entity Too Large I don't know what is the problem. I think the da ... View Detail
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post ajax data to PHP and return data
How can i post some ajax data to the controller function and get it back? For I want to post one integer to the function ... View Detail
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Read associative array from json in $_POST
I am using jQuery to post a json object to my php application. jQuery.post(save.php,JSON.stringify(dataToSend), functi ... View Detail
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PHP access all $_POST[] variables into an array?
how to capture all fields in the $_POST VARIABLE? into an array? $email = $_POST; $emails = array_keys($email); foreach ... View Detail
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How do I navigate to another page when PHP script is done?
Okey dokaey, I have a simple post script, and when it's done I just want to go back to the page that was doing the posti ... View Detail
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jquery serialize and $.post
I'm trying to send a lot of data from a form using the $.post method in jQuery. I've used the serialize() function first ... View Detail
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Post data and retrieve the response using PHP Curl?
I'm very new to working with web services, and so I'm finding this pretty confusing. If I have a URL I'm trying to post ... View Detail
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jQuery populate items into a Select using jQuery ajax json, php
I have a select field. I must fill with options taken from a mysql table. Here is some little php code I have done using ... View Detail
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How do I use arrays in cURL POST requests
I am wondering how do I make this code support arrays? At the moment the images array only seems to send the first value ... View Detail
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Post to another page within a PHP script
How can I make a post request to a different php page within a php script? I have one front end computer as the html pag ... View Detail
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How to print_r $_POST array?
I have following table. <form method=post action=test.php>   <input name=id[] type=text value=ID1 />   <input name=valu ... View Detail
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PHP: Possible to automatically get all POSTed data?
Simple question: Is it possible to get all the data POSTed to a page, even if you don't know all the fields? For exampl ... View Detail
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Foreach value from POST from form
I post some data over to another page from a form. It's a shopping cart, and the form that's being submitted is being ge ... View Detail
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Print $_POST variable name along with value
I have a POST in PHP for which I won't always know the names of the variable fields I will be processing. I have a func ... View Detail
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how to pass value from one php page to another using session
I can pass values form one page to another but I need to pass value like this, Page 1: Page4.php Page3.php I need ... View Detail
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Sending XML data using HTTP POST with PHP
I need to send this XML    <?xml version=1.0 encoding=UTF-8?> <gate> <country>NO</country> <accessNumber>1900</accessNu ... View Detail
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Curl and PHP - how can I pass a json through curl by PUT,POST,GET
I have been working on building an Rest API for the hell of it and I have been testing it out as I go along by using cur ... View Detail
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How to increase maximum POST variable in PHP?
I'm using WAMP in my local machine, when a FORM(method=POST) with 2000 input fields is submitted I'm able to read only 1 ... View Detail
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Posting array from form
I have a form on my page with a bunch of inputs and some hidden fields, I've been asked to pass this data through a post ... View Detail
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