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PHP abstract properties
Is there any way to define abstract class properties in PHP? abstract class Foo_Abstract {  abstract public $tablename; ... View Detail
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Dynamically create PHP object based on string
I would like to create an object in PHP based on a type defined by a string in a MySQL database. The database table has ... View Detail
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calling a method from another method in same PHP class
I'm trying to use a method from within another method in a class. I don't have much experience in PHP5 OOP, and I looked ... View Detail
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How can I get the classname from a static call in an extended PHP class?
I have two classes: Action and MyAction. The latter is declared as: class MyAction extends Action {/* some methods here ... View Detail
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Can you create instance properties dynamically in PHP?
Is there any way to create all instance properties dynamically? For example, I would like to be able to generate all att ... View Detail
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what is abstract class in php?
What is an abstract class in php? Where can it be used?
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Returning a value in constructor function of a class
So far I have a PHP class with the constructor public function __construct ($identifier = NULL) {  // Return me. if ( $ ... View Detail
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PHP method chaining?
I am using PHP 5 and I've heard of a new featured in the object-oriented approach, called 'method chaining'. What is it ... View Detail
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simple explanation PHP OOP vs Procedural?
I would like to learn PHP and want to get an Idea about OOP and Procedural. I read some other blogs and tutorials about ... View Detail
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Can I instantiate a PHP class inside another class?
I was wondering if it is allowed to create an instance of a class inside another class. Or, do I have to create it outs ... View Detail
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Why does PHP 5.2+ disallow abstract static class methods?
After enabling strict warnings in PHP 5.2, I saw a load of strict standards warnings from a project that was originally ... View Detail
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How do I access static member of a class?
I am trying to access static member of a class. my class is: class A {  public static $strName = 'A is my name'  publi ... View Detail
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Checking if an instance's class implements an interface?
Given a class instance, is it possible to determine if it implements a particular interface? As far as I know, there isn ... View Detail
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When should I declare variables in a PHP class?
I'm new to the OOP paradigm, so there's probably a simple explanation for this question... Do you always need to declar ... View Detail
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Creating anonymous objects in php
As we know, creating anonymous objects in JavaScript is easy, like the code below: var object = {   p : value,   p1 : [ ... View Detail
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Autoload classes from different folders
This is how I autoload all the classes in my controllers folder, # auto load controller classes  function __autoload($c ... View Detail
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PHP: Calling another class' method
I'm still learning OOP so this might not even be possible (although I would be surprised if so), I need some help callin ... View Detail
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PHP access all $_POST[] variables into an array?
how to capture all fields in the $_POST VARIABLE? into an array? $email = $_POST; $emails = array_keys($email); foreach ... View Detail
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Nested or Inner Class in PHP
I'm building a User Class for my new website, however this time I was thinking to build it little bit differently... I ... View Detail
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Can I include code into a PHP class?
I want to make a PHP class, lets say Myclass.php. Now inside that class I want to define just the class itself and some ... View Detail
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Best practice on PHP singleton classes
Possible Duplicate: Who needs singletons? I always write with respect to best practice, but I also want to un ... View Detail
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PHP user class (login/logout/signup)
Started experimenting with building classes, and I've began by converting my user registration/login into a single class ... View Detail
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What is the point of interfaces in PHP?
Interfaces allow you to create code which defines the methods of classes that implement it. You cannot however add any c ... View Detail
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call to undefined function error when calling class method
this is the error Fatal error: Call to undefined function assign( this is the code, as you can see i obviously have defi ... View Detail
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Is it possible to create static classes in PHP (like in C#)?
I want to create a static class in PHP and have it behave like it does in C#, so Constructor is automatically called o ... View Detail
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