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Using usort in php with a class private function
ok using usort with a function is not so complicated This is what i had before in my linear code function merchantSort ... View Detail
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How to decode a JSON String with several objects in PHP?
I know how to decode a JSON string with one object with your help from this example How to decode a JSON String But now ... View Detail
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PHP Session with an Incomplete Object
I'm getting an error I don't know how to fix so I wondering if I could get some help. This is the error Fatal error: p ... View Detail
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How to access object properties with names like integers?
How to access a PHP Associative array element whose output is: [highlighting] => stdClass Object   (    [448364] => std ... View Detail
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Can I instantiate a PHP class inside another class?
I was wondering if it is allowed to create an instance of a class inside another class. Or, do I have to create it outs ... View Detail
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PHP - Modify current object in foreach loop
I was wondering if it is possible to edit the current object that's being handled within a foreach loop I'm working wit ... View Detail
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How do I access this object property with a hyphenated name?
I'm using a PHP class someone wrote to interface with the BaseCamp API. The particular call I'm doing is to retrieve th ... View Detail
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How to clone an array of objects in PHP?
I have an array of objects. I know that objects get assigned by reference and arrays by value. But when I assign the arr ... View Detail
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Creating anonymous objects in php
As we know, creating anonymous objects in JavaScript is easy, like the code below: var object = {   p : value,   p1 : [ ... View Detail
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Get first element in PHP stdObject
I have an object (stored as $videos) that looks like this object(stdClass)#19 (3) {   [0]=>   object(stdClass)#20 (22)  ... View Detail
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Accessing Arrays inside Arrays In PHP
Hello I want to access inactive tags inside this array any idea? stdClass::__set_state( array 'languages' => arr ... View Detail
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In PHP, how can I add an object element to an array?
I'm using PHP. I have an array of objects, and would like to add an object to the end of it. $myArray[] = null; //adds  ... View Detail
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PHP5: const vs static
In PHP5, what is the difference between using const and static? When is each appropriate? And what role does public, pro ... View Detail
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How to fix 'Creating default object from empty value' warning in PHP
I get the following error from a joomla install that I have. Warning: Creating default object from empty value in  /mod ... View Detail
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PHP: Storing 'objects' inside the $_SESSION
I just figured out that I can actually store objects in the $_SESSION and I find it quite cool because when I jump to an ... View Detail
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Is it possible to delete an object's property in PHP?
If I have an stdObject say, $a. Sure there's no problem to assign a new property, $a, $a->new_property = $xyz;  But t ... View Detail
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Best way to destroy PHP object?
As far as I know (which is very little) , there are two ways, given: $var = new object()  Then: // Method 1: Set to n ... View Detail
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Serializing PHP object to JSON
So I was wandering around php.net for information about serializing PHP objects to JSON, when I stumbled across the new ... View Detail
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PHP Error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array (array and object issues)
I was trying to copy this code: <?php foreach ($products as $product) {  $id    = $product['id'];  $name  = $product['n ... View Detail
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What is the best method to merge two PHP objects?
We have two PHP5 objects and would like to merge the content of one into the second. There are no notion of subclasses b ... View Detail
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PHP - find entry by object property from a array of objects
The array looks like: [0] => stdClass Object   (    [ID] => 420    [name] => Mary    )  [1] => stdClass Object   (    [ ... View Detail
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PHP - warning - Undefined property: stdClass - fix?
I get this warning in my error logs and wanted to know how to correct this issues in my code. Warning: PHP Notice: Und ... View Detail
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Convert a string to JSON object php
I have the following result from an sql query: {Coords:[  {Accuracy:65,Latitude:53.277720488429026,Longitude:-9.0120387 ... View Detail
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Array of PHP Objects
So I have been searching for a while and cannot find the answer to a simple question. Is it possible to have an array of ... View Detail
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Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string
I am having a problem with PHP at the moment, I am getting this error, Object of class stdClass could not be converted ... View Detail
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