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How to integrate nodeJS + Socket.IO and PHP?
I have recently been looking around, to find a good way to communicate between nodeJS and PHP. Here is the idea : nodeJS ... View Detail
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What are the advantages of using Node.js vs PHP
Possible Duplicate: Why and When to use node js? Can someone tell me why all this fuss about node.js ? Is a r ... View Detail
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Execute PHP scripts within Node.js web server
What steps are necessary to have a Node.js web server function like Apache executing PHP scripts? Any way to integrate P ... View Detail
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Java escape JSON String?
I have the following JSON string that i am sending to a NodeJS server: String string = {\id\:\ + userID + \,\type\:\ +  ... View Detail
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Sending HTTP Post Request with Android
I've been trying to learn from tons of examples on SO and other sites, but I can't figure out why the example I've hacke ... View Detail
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How to use timezone offset in Nodejs?
I need the next flow: var a = new Date(1337324400000, 'Europe/Amsterdam'); //+2h console.log(a); // for example 12:00 M ... View Detail
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Node.js: Parse JSON object
I am receiving a JSON object as : http.get(options, function(res) {  res.on('data', function (chunk) {   console.log('B ... View Detail
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Validation library for Node.js
Is there a good validation framework for node.js that validates a variable for: if its a type of String, Date, Number ... View Detail
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Write objects into file with Node.js
I've searched all over stackoverflow / google for this, but can't seem to figure it out. I'm scraping social media lin ... View Detail
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Structuring a Node.js and AngularJS application
I'm about to attempt my first AngularJS project, and it makes sense to use Node.js for the back end, even though it mean ... View Detail
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how to check for datatype in node js- specifically for integer
I tried the following to check for the datatype (specifically for integer), but not working. var i = 5;  if(Number(i) = ... View Detail
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How can I check if a JSON is empty in NodeJS?
I have a function that checks to see whether or not a request has any queries, and does different actions based off that ... View Detail
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Express module not found when installed with NPM
When I try to run the app.js file created by express, I get the following error: $ node app.js  node.js:134   throw e;  ... View Detail
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NPM no longer working
so I wasn't paying attention and ran this command- npm install npm install jasmine-node -g  which caused this -  npm  ... View Detail
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How to generate random SHA1 hash to use as ID in node.js?
I am using this line to generate a sha1 id for node.js: crypto.createHash('sha1').digest('hex');  The problem is that ... View Detail
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How could others, on a local network, access my NodeJS app while it's running on my machine?
I have a pretty straight-forward question. I made a web game with NodeJS, and I can successfully play it by myself with ... View Detail
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Is AngularJS just for single-page applications (SPAs)?
We are looking at options to build the front end of an application we are creating and are trying to evaluate a tool tha ... View Detail
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node.js - Code Protection?
I want to use node.js in my next project, but my boss does not like that our competitors can read the source code. Is t ... View Detail
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Concat and minify JS files in Node
Is there any module in NodeJS to concatenate and minify JavaScript files?
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How to avoid long nesting of asynchronous functions in Node.js
I want to make a page that displays some data from a DB, so I have created some functions that get that data from my DB. ... View Detail
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npm - EPERM: operation not permitted on Windows
I ran npm config set prefix /usr/local  After running that command, When trying to run any npm commands on Windows OS ... View Detail
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Nodejs: how to clone a object
If I clone an array, I use cloneArr = arr.slice() I want know how to clone a object in nodejs.
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Promise.all().then() resolve?
Using Node 4.x. When you have a Promise.all(promises).then() what is the proper way to resolve the data and pass it to t ... View Detail
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Deploying a production Node.js server
I've written a Node.js app, I'm looking to get it running on one of our production machines. This seems like a pretty co ... View Detail
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How to unit test a node.js module that requires other modules
This is a trivial example that illustrates the crux of my problem: var innerLib = require('./path/to/innerLib');  funct ... View Detail
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