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Does PHP have threading?
I found this PECL package called threads, but there is not a release yet. And nothing is coming up on the PHP website.
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Putting the current thread to sleep
I have a unit of work I'm doing in a thread (not the main thread). Under certain circumstances I would like to put this ... View Detail
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Multithreading: When would I use a Join?
I see online that it says I use myThread.Join(); when I want to block my thread until another thread finishes. (One of t ... View Detail
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right way to create thread in ASP.NET web application
i'm creating asmx web service and have to create thread to do background IO to refresh system data. What is the right wa ... View Detail
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Is the C# static constructor thread safe?
In other words, is this Singleton implementation thread safe: public class Singleton {  private static Singleton instan ... View Detail
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Why does the lock object have to be static?
It is very common to use a private static readonly object for locking in multi threading. I understand that private redu ... View Detail
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Why am I seeing multiple The thread 0x22c8 has exited with code 259 (0x103). messages
I'm getting a slew of these messages in my Winforms application even though I never explicitly made any threads. Why is ... View Detail
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Pass Parameters through ParameterizedThreadStart
I'm trying to pass parameters through the following: Thread thread = new Thread(new ParameterizedThreadStart(DoMethod)) ... View Detail
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How to create a thread/Task with a continuous loop?
I am looking for the correct way/structure to create a loop in a Thread/Task... The reason for this is, i need to check ... View Detail
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C# : What if a static method is called from multiple threads?
In my Application I have a static method that is called from multiple threads at the same time. Is there any danger of m ... View Detail
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Reliably stop System.Threading.Timer?
Well I've searched a lot for a solution to this. I'm looking for a clean and simple way to prevent the callback method o ... View Detail
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Dispatcher BeginInvoke Syntax
I have been trying to follow some WCF Data Services examples and have the following code: private void OnSaveCompleted( ... View Detail
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How to wait for BackgroundWorker to finish and then exit console application
I have written a sample console application to test backgroundworker using one of the examples posted here in Stackoverf ... View Detail
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How to exit all running threads?
The following code does not exit the application. How can I exit the application and make sure all the running threads a ... View Detail
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Set timeout to an operation
I have object obj which is 3rd party component, // this could take more than 30 seconds int result = obj.PerformInitTr ... View Detail
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How to debug a single thread in Visual Studio?
I have a solution with some projects. There are several break-points in different projects. I want to trace the first th ... View Detail
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Compare using Thread.Sleep and Timer for delayed execution
I have a method which should be delayed running for a specified amount of time. Should I use Thread thread = new Threa ... View Detail
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Non-static method requires a target C#
I have a win form app with a listbox displaying methods (by attribute). I am attempting to dynamically invoke methods in ... View Detail
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How to invoke a UI method from another thread
Playing round with Timers. Context: a winforms with two labels. I would like to see how System.Timers.Timer works so ... View Detail
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Parallel.ForEach() vs. foreach(IEnumerable<T>.AsParallel())
Erg, I'm trying to find these two methods in the BCL using Reflector, but can't locate them. What's the difference betwe ... View Detail
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Using C# MethodInvoker.Invoke() for a GUI app... is this good?
Using C# 2.0 and the MethodInvoker delegate, I have a GUI application receiving some event from either the GUI thread or ... View Detail
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Multi threading C# application with SQL Server database calls
I have a SQL Server database with 500,000 records in table main. There are also three other tables called child1, child2 ... View Detail
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C#: How to start a thread at a specific time
How can I start a background thread at a specific time of day, say 16:00? So when the apps starts up the thread will wa ... View Detail
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How to create a thread?
The method below is what I want to be done in that thread: public void Startup(int port,string path) {  Run(path);  CRC ... View Detail
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cannot be accessed with an instance reference; qualify it with a type name instead
Using Example 1: Creating, starting, and interacting between threads on this MSDN tutorial more specificaly line 3 to li ... View Detail
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