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array_unique for objects?
Is there any method like the array_unique for objects? I have a bunch of arrays with 'Role' objects that I merge, and th ... View Detail
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codeigniter check for user session in every controller
I have this private session in one of my controllers that checks if a user is logged in: function _is_logged_in() {  $u ... View Detail
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Redefine Class Methods or Class
Is there any way to redefine a class or some of its methods without using typical inheritance? For example: class third ... View Detail
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calling a method from another method in same PHP class
I'm trying to use a method from within another method in a class. I don't have much experience in PHP5 OOP, and I looked ... View Detail
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Passing an Array as Arguments, not an Array, in PHP
I seem to remember that in PHP there is a way to pass an array as a list of arguments for a function, dereferencing the ... View Detail
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PHP call Class method / function
How can I call following Class method or function? Let say I have this params get from url: $var = filter($_GET['param ... View Detail
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call to undefined function error when calling class method
this is the error Fatal error: Call to undefined function assign( this is the code, as you can see i obviously have defi ... View Detail
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Declaration of Methods should be Compatible with Parent Methods in PHP
Strict Standards: Declaration of childClass::customMethod() should be compatible with that of parentClass::customMethod( ... View Detail
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PHP class: Global variable as property in class
I have a global variable outside my class = $MyNumber; How do I declare this as a property in myClass? For every metho ... View Detail
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Method Within A Method
I am creating a C# library with some reusable code and was trying to create a method inside a method. I have a method li ... View Detail
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Inheritance from multiple interfaces with the same method name
If we have a class that inherits from multiple interfaces, and the interfaces have methods with the same name, how can w ... View Detail
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C# cannot convert method to non delegate type
I have a class called Pin. public class Pin {  private string title;   public Pin() { }   public setTitle(string title) ... View Detail
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Retrieving the calling method name from within a method
Possible Duplicate: How can I find the method that called the current method? I have a method in an object th ... View Detail
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Why are C# interface methods not declared abstract or virtual?
C# methods in interfaces are declared without using the virtual keyword, and overridden in the derived class without usi ... View Detail
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In C#, How do I call a function that is returning a list?
In C#, How do I call a function that is returning a list?  static void Main(string[] args)    {     List<string> rang ... View Detail
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C# referencing a variable from another method
I'm new to C# and i really need to know how to call/use a string from another method. For example: public void button1_ ... View Detail
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new keyword in method signature
While performing a refactoring, I ended up creating a method like the example below. The datatype has been changed for s ... View Detail
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Verify a method call using Moq
I am fairly new to unit testing in C# and learning to use Moq. Below is the class that I am trying to test. class MyCla ... View Detail
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How can I get the value of a session variable inside a static method?
I am using ASP.NET page methods with jQuery.... How do I get the value of a session variable inside a static method in C ... View Detail
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Class' does not contain a definition for 'Method'
In class Employee I've got some methods, which work fine. Now I wanted to add new method, for example public void Examp ... View Detail
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C# Return a string method
I am trying to return a string from the SalesPerson object with fullNameMethod to the main program, but this isn't worki ... View Detail
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Retrieving data from a POST method in ASP.NET
I am using ASP.NET. There is a system that needs to POST data to my site and all they asked for is for me to provide th ... View Detail
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Passing null arguments to C# methods
Is there a way to pass null arguments to C# methods (something like null arguments in c++)? For example: Is it possibl ... View Detail
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How to call a method daily, at specific time, in C#?
I've searched on SO and found answers about Quartz.net. But it seems to be too big for my project. I want an equivalent ... View Detail
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Method to get all files within folder and subfolders that will return a list
I have a method that will iterate through a folder and all of its subfolders and get a list of the file paths. However, ... View Detail
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