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How do you loop through $_FILES array?
Here are the inputs I want to loop through Main photo:   <input type=file name=image[] /> Side photo 1: <input type=fi ... View Detail
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How to go to next record in foreach loop
foreach ($arr as $a1){   $getd=explode(,,$a1);   $b1=$getd[0];  }  In above code, if that $getd[0] is empty i want to g ... View Detail
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What is meant by a number after break or continue in PHP?
Could someone please explain, with examples, what is meant by loop break 2 or continue 2 in PHP? What does it mean when ... View Detail
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Multiple index variables in PHP foreach loop
Is it possible to have a foreach loop in PHP with multiple index variables, akin to the following (which doesn't use cor ... View Detail
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PHP read sub-directories and loop through files how to?
I need to create a loop through all files in subdirectories. Can you please help me struct my code like this: $main = M ... View Detail
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Single Result from Database by using mySQLi
I am trying to use mySQLi for the first time. I have done it in case of loop. Loop results are showing but i am stuck wh ... View Detail
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Checking if array is multidimensional or not?
What is the most efficient way to check if an array is a flat array of primitive values or if it is a multidimensional ... View Detail
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PHP: How do you determine every Nth iteration of a loop?
I wanted to echo an image every after 3 post via XML here is my code : <?php // URL of the XML feed. $feed = 'test.xml' ... View Detail
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Populate PHP Array from While Loop
If I am fetching data from a MySQL database and using a while loop to iterate through the data how would I add each one ... View Detail
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How do you remove an array element in a foreach loop?
I want to loop through an array with foreach to check if a value exists. If the value does exist, I want to delete the e ... View Detail
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endforeach in loops?
I use brackets when using foreach loops. What is endforeach for?
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Loop through an array php
I have this array... how do you print each of the filepath and filename? What is the best way to do this?   Array (   [ ... View Detail
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How to execute two mysql queries as one in PHP/MYSQL?
I have two queries, as following: SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS Id, Name FROM my_table WHERE Name LIKE '%prashant%' LIMIT  ... View Detail
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PHP foreach loop through multidimensional array
I have an array: $arr_nav = array( array( id => apple,   url => apple.html,     name => My Apple    ),   array( id => o ... View Detail
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Twig for loop and array with key
I use Twig and I have an array with key like this : array[1] = alpha array[2] = bravo array[3] = charlie array[8] = del ... View Detail
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Can you 'exit' a loop in PHP?
I have a loop that is doing some error checking in my PHP code. Originally it looked something like this... foreach($re ... View Detail
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How to loop through an associative array and get the key?
My associative array: $arr = array( 1 => Value1, 2 => Value2, 10 => Value10 );  Using the following code, $v is fille ... View Detail
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How does PHP 'foreach' actually work?
Let me prefix this by saying that I know what foreach is, does and how to use it. This question concerns how it works un ... View Detail
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How to determine the first and last iteration in a foreach loop?
The question is simple. I have a foreach loop in my code: foreach($array as $element) {  //code }  In this loop, I wan ... View Detail
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How to find the foreach index
Is it possible to find the foreach index? in a for loop as follows: for ($i = 0; $i < 10; ++$i) { echo $i . ' '; }  $ ... View Detail
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Using loops to get at each item in a ListView?
What is a nice and effective way of getting at each item in a ListView of more than one column using loops? After doing ... View Detail
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Check if list<t> contains any of another list
I have a list of parameters like this: public class parameter {  public string name {get; set;}  public string paramtyp ... View Detail
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Changing objects value in foreach loop?
In one place i am using the list of string in that case the i am able to change the value of the string as code given be ... View Detail
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C# looping through an array
I am looping through an array of strings, such as (1/12/1992 apple truck 12/10/10 orange bicycle). The array's length wi ... View Detail
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C# Iterate Over DataGridView & Change Row Color
I have a datagridview made up of multiple rows and columns. I want to iterate through each row and check the contents of ... View Detail
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