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PHP list of specific files in a directory
The following code will list all the file in a directory <?php if ($handle = opendir('.')) {  while (false !== ($file = ... View Detail
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PHP Get all subdirectories of a given directory
How can I get all sub-directories of a given directory without files, .(current directory) or ..(parent directory) and t ... View Detail
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List all files in one directory PHP
What would be the best way to list all the files in one directory with PHP? Is there a $_SERVER function to do this? I w ... View Detail
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Parallel.ForEach with adding to list
I'm trying to run multiple functions that connect to a remote site (by network) and return a generic list. But I want to ... View Detail
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Check if list<t> contains any of another list
I have a list of parameters like this: public class parameter {  public string name {get; set;}  public string paramtyp ... View Detail
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Casting IEnumerable<T> to List<T>
I was wondering if it is possible to cast an IEnumerable to a List. Is there any way to do it other than copying out eac ... View Detail
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C# List - Removing items while looping / iterating
Suppose that I have the following code snippet: var data=new List<string>(){One,Two,Three}; for(int i=0 ; i<data.Count  ... View Detail
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Cast Object to Generic List
I have 3 generict type list. List<Contact> = new List<Contact>(); List<Address> = new List<Address>(); List<Document> = ... View Detail
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How to create an array of List<int> in C#?
I have a problem where I need an array of arrayList. For example if we take an Array of ArrayList of int, it will be li ... View Detail
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How can I get every nth item from a List<T>?
I'm using .NET 3.5 and would like to be able to obtain every *n*th item from a List. I'm not bothered as to whether it' ... View Detail
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Avoid Adding duplicate elements to a List C#
string[] lines3 = new string[100]; List<string> lines2 = new List<string>(); lines3 = Regex.Split(s1, @\s*,\s*);  if (!l ... View Detail
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Populate Combobox from a list
Newb here, I'm currently working on a form which has a combo box, which will show several Charlie Brown TV specials w ... View Detail
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C# Casting a List<ObjBase> as List<Obj>
Why can I not cast a List<ObjBase> as List<Obj>? Why does the following not work: internal class ObjBase { }  internal  ... View Detail
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Best way to dispose a list
I am having List object. How can I dispose of the list? For example, List<User> usersCollection =new List<User>();  Us ... View Detail
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Quick way to create a list of values in C#?
I'm looking for a quick way to create a list of values in C#. In Java I frequently use the snippet below: List<String>  ... View Detail
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How to display a list of objects in an MVC View?
I have a method that is returning a list of strings. I simply would like to display that list in a view as plain text. ... View Detail
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Auto-initializing C# lists
I am creating a new C# List (List<double>). Is there a way, other than to do a loop over the list, to initialize all the ... View Detail
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Using LINQ to convert List<U> to List<T>
I have 2 classes which have some identical properties. I stock into a list properties from 1st class, and after that, i ... View Detail
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How to Get a Sublist in C#
I have a List<String> and i need to take a sublist out of this list. Is there any methods of List available for this in ... View Detail
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Listing Folders in a Directory using asp.net and C#
.aspx file: <%@ Import Namespace=System.IO %> <html xmlns=http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml> <head id=Head1 runat=server> <t ... View Detail
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Console.WriteLine and generic List
I frequently find myself writing code like this: List<int> list = new List<int> { 1, 3, 5 }; foreach (int i in list) {  ... View Detail
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Check if element at position [x] exists in the list
If I have a list of strings List<String> list = new list<String>(); list.add(str1); list.add(str2); list.add(str3);  ... View Detail
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Adding string array (string[]) to List<string> c#
When the string[], _lineParts is added to the List, all I see in the List is System.String[] What needs to be done to s ... View Detail
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Compare Two Lists Via One Property Using LINQ
Say I have the following:  class Widget1{   public int TypeID { get; set; }   public string Color { get; set; }  }   cl ... View Detail
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Simplest way to form a union of two lists
What is the easiest way to compare the elements of two lists say A and B with one another, and add the elements which ar ... View Detail
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