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IntelliJ IDEA with Junit 4.7 !!! JUnit version 3.8 or later expected:
When I attempt to run the following test in IntelliJ IDEA I get the message: !!! JUnit version 3.8 or later expected ... View Detail
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How to do unit test for Exceptions?
As you know, exception is thrown at the condition of abnormal scenarios. So how to analog these exceptions? I feel it is ... View Detail
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How to rollback a database transaction when testing services with Spring in JUnit?
I have no problem testing my DAO and services, but when I test INSERTs or UPDATEs I want to rollback the transaction and ... View Detail
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Changing names of parameterized tests
Is there a way to set my own custom test case names when using parameterized tests in JUnit4? I'd like to change the de ... View Detail
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Java Dynamic Web project with Maven and Eclipse
I have several questions about creating a Java Web application with Maven and Eclipse: How do I create a Java web proj ... View Detail
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How to set a long Java classpath in Windows?
I'm trying to run a particular JUnit test by hand on a Windows XP command line, which has an unusually high number of el ... View Detail
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How to exclude *AutoConfiguration classes in Spring Boot JUnit tests?
I tried: @RunWith(SpringJUnit4ClassRunner.class) @EnableAutoConfiguration(exclude=CrshAutoConfiguration.class) @SpringA ... View Detail
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Mocking Logger and LoggerFactory with PowerMock and Mockito
I have the following Logger I want to mock out, but to validate log entries are getting called, not for the content. pr ... View Detail
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Failed to connect to binary FirefoxBinary with Selenium in Maven
I am running some Selenium-Tests. When I start them directly from Eclipse everything works fine. But when I Start them t ... View Detail
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Rollback transaction after @Test
First of all, I've found a lot of threads on StackOverflow about this, but none of them really helped me, so sorry to as ... View Detail
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Embedded MongoDB when running integration tests
My question is a variation of this one. Since my Java Web-app project requires a lot of read filters/queries and interf ... View Detail
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Easy way of running the same junit test over and over?
Like the title says, I'm looking for some simple way to run JUnit 4.x tests several times in a row automatically using E ... View Detail
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spring - @ContextConfiguration fail to load config file in src/test/resources
I've tried to load the spring config file in src/test/resources classpath with the following abstract class: @RunWith(S ... View Detail
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JUnit Testing private variables?
I have been assigned the task of unit testing a class that I never worked directly on with JUnit, and am strictly forbid ... View Detail
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Spring JUnit: How to Mock autowired component in autowired component
I've got a Spring component I'd like to test and this component has an autowired attribute which I need to change for th ... View Detail
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How make JUnit to print asserts and results
I have some tests like this: @Test public void test01() {  Position p = getPositionAt('a', 1);  assertNotNull(a1 exists ... View Detail
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Warning: The method assertEquals from the type Assert is deprecated
Since the method Assert.assertEquals is deprecated, which method are we supposed to use now? The following code: Stri ... View Detail
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How to mock the HttpServletRequest?
I have a function that looks for a query parameter and returns a boolean:   public static Boolean getBooleanFromRequest ... View Detail
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JUnit confusion: use 'extends TestCase' or '@Test'?
I've found the proper use (or at least the documentation) of JUnit very confusing. This question serves both as a future ... View Detail
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Class Not Found: Empty Test Suite in IntelliJ
I'm just starting the computer science program at my college, and I'm having some issues with IntelliJ. When I try to ru ... View Detail
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JUnit @Test expected annotation not working
I've got the following test: @Test(expected = IllegalStateException.class) public void testKey() {  int key = 1;  this. ... View Detail
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can't find run as junit test in eclipse
I created a test class in Eclipse like this @RunWith(SpringJUnit4ClassRunner.class) @ContextConfiguration(locations = { ... View Detail
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How to use JUnit and Hamcrest together?
I can't understand how JUnit 4.8 should work with Hamcrest matchers. There are some matchers defined inside junit-4.8.ja ... View Detail
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Java: How to test methods that call System.exit()?
I've got a few methods that should call System.exit() on certain inputs. Unfortunately, testing these cases causes JUnit ... View Detail
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Java JUnit: The method X is ambiguous for type Y
I had some tests working fine. Then, I moved it to a different package, and am now getting errors. Here is the code: im ... View Detail
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