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pass values from jsp to servlet using <a href>
I have jsp page - <html> <head> </head> <body>    <%    String valueToPass = Hello ;     %>  <a href=goToServlet...>G ... View Detail
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How to find out which HTML button was pushed in my servlet?
I am creating a registration form which contains two submit buttons. I need to know which button is clicked in the form ... View Detail
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Help getting image from Servlet to JSP page
I currently have to generate an image that displays the text of a string, i need to make this image on a Servlet and the ... View Detail
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Alternatives to JSP for Spring MVC view layer
I'm looking to create a new app from scratch and will probably use Spring MVC and possibly Spring Web Flow. The project ... View Detail
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static final long serialVersionUID = 1L
Possible Duplicate: What is a serialVersionUID and why should I use it? what is meant by that in a servlet (priva ... View Detail
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Struts2 parameters between actions
I have to pass some parameter from an action to another action,for example to keep trace of an event. What is the best ... View Detail
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How to show alert in a jsp from a servlet and then redirect to another jsp?
I tried this but does not display the message only redirects login.jsp <form method=post action=Login_Servlet >   <inpu ... View Detail
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set boolean value into variable using JSTL tags?
I am using JSTL tags. i have below code. <c:set var=refreshSent value=false/>  Now variable refreshSent has boolean va ... View Detail
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Input TYPE TEXT Value from JSP form (enctype=multipart/form-data) returns null
I need to upload an image: <form method=post action=hi.iq/register.jsp enctype=multipart/form-data>  Name: <input type= ... View Detail
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Data truncation: Incorrect datetime value: ''
Can anyone help me with a sample JSP code to store date in a MySql database through JDBC? When I try to execute the code ... View Detail
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How to call servlet on jsp page load
I want to call a servlet latest_products on load of index.jsp page.This servlet has records in List. I want to pass this ... View Detail
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How to iterate an ArrayList inside a HashMap using JSTL?
I have a map like this, Map<Integer,ArrayList<Object>> myMap = new LinkedHashMap<Integer,ArrayList<Object>>();  Now I ... View Detail
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jsp:forward in Java without using JSP tag?
Is there a pure-Java equivalent to <jsp:forward page=... /> that I can use within a <% ... %> block? For example, I cur ... View Detail
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When do you use a JSP and when a Servlet?
I have an application that sends the customer to another site to handle the payments. The other site, outside of the cus ... View Detail
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How can I set a session variable in a servlet and get it in a JSP?
I'm learning java and try to pass some variable from servlet to jsp page. Here is code from servlet page @WebServlet(/W ... View Detail
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How to access a request attribute set by a servlet in JSP?
I'm trying to retrieve attribute values set by a servlet in a JSP page, but I've only luck with parameters by ${param}. ... View Detail
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Invoking a Java Method in JSP
Setup Mac OSX 10.6.8, Apache Tomcat 6.0.16, Java1.6.0_29, Eclipse IDE Indigo. I asked a similar question to this before ... View Detail
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Tomcat Session Timeout web.xml
This is my web.xml file, it is located in WEB-INF/lib. It specifies session timeout at 1 minute, however it does not tim ... View Detail
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how to fix Cannot call sendRedirect() after the response has been committed?
I am trying to pass values from servlet to jsp page using the code below: public void doPost(HttpServletRequest reque ... View Detail
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Using foreach loop in JSF
I need to create a list of commandbuttons on my page, but I have some trouble with it. I pass the list from my bean thro ... View Detail
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Get Spring Security Principal in JSP EL expression
I am using Spring MVC and Spring Security version 3.0.6.RELEASE. What is the easiest way to get the user name in my JSP? ... View Detail
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Setting the default jsp view with spring mvc
I want to set one of jsp files in my jsps folder as the default view for the application. Is there any way we can tell i ... View Detail
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Display image in jsp page from servlet
My code is uploading an image and saving the image to my server, but I need to display the image in my jsp page. The ... View Detail
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<html:errors> struts tutorial or example
I'm trying to make a login page in Struts. The idea is to validate if the user exists, etc, and then if there is an erro ... View Detail
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Difference between request.getSession() and request.getSession(true)
I understand the difference between request.getSession(true) and request.getSession(false). But request.getSession() & r ... View Detail
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