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PHP JSON or Array to XML
Whats the easiest way to take a JSON or Array object and convert it to XML. Maybe I am looking in all the wrong places b ... View Detail
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Retrieving Data with Jquery, AJAX, and PHP from a MySQL Database
I am trying to figure out how to retrieve data from a MySQL database using an AJAX call to a PHP page. I have been foll ... View Detail
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Return a JSON object using PHP json_encode() & MySQL to pass to jQuery function
I'm trying to create a json object from MySQL results, but not getting the result I need. Here is the PHP $json = arr ... View Detail
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Is there a way to pass multiple arrays to PHP json_encode and parse it with jQuery?
Right now I have this PHP: $columns = array(*/Data*/); echo json_encode($columns);  And this is sent through an AJAX G ... View Detail
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JSON_ENCODE of multidimensional array giving different results
When doing a json_encode a multidimensional array in PHP, I'm noticing a different output simply by naming one of the ar ... View Detail
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convert mysqli result to json
I have a mysqli query which i need to format as json for a mobile application. I have managed to produce an xml documen ... View Detail
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Create JSON object using PHP
How can I achieve or create this type JSON object using PHP? {   label: Devices per year,  data: [   [1999, 3.0], [2000 ... View Detail
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Composer could not find a composer.json
I tried to install composer via brew per: In usr/local/bin (which was not on Mavricks and I had to make personally) I ... View Detail
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Detect bad json data in PHP json_decode()?
I'm trying handle bad json data when parsed through json_decode(). I'm using the following script: if(!json_decode($_PO ... View Detail
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How to decode a JSON String with several objects in PHP?
I know how to decode a JSON string with one object with your help from this example How to decode a JSON String But now ... View Detail
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Slim JSON Outputs
I am using the Slim framework with PHP to create a RESTful API for my app. However, I assumed that the framework would h ... View Detail
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convert php array into single JSON object
I converted a PHP array into JSON, using json_encode. I checked the console, and the objects are displaying in array, bu ... View Detail
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Why is this PHP call to json_encode silently failing - inability to handle single quotes?
I have a stdClass object called $post that, when dumped via print_r(), returns the following: stdClass Object (  [ID] = ... View Detail
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PHP's json_encode does not escape all JSON control characters
Is there any reasons why PHP's json_encode function does not escape all JSON control characters in a string? For exampl ... View Detail
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How can I return an array/json object containing json objects through an ajax php call?
Basically what I'm trying to do is returning the results of a mysql query. I know how to put each row of the query resul ... View Detail
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Sending PHP json_encode array to jQuery
ok, i guess I need help ! I searched with every keyword I could think off, but I still cant figure out, please help. Am ... View Detail
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Why would json_encode return an empty string
I have a simple php structure with 3 nested arrays. I do not use particular objects and I build myself the arrays with ... View Detail
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Adding subscribers to a list using Mailchimp's API v3
I'm trying to add users to a list I've created in Mailchimp but I can't find any code examples anywhere. I've tried figu ... View Detail
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Jquery AJAX post to PHP
OK i've got my json string built but i'm not sure what to do next?? $('#submit').live('click',function(){       var dat ... View Detail
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How to determine whether a string is valid JSON?
Does anyone know of a robust (and bullet proof) is_JSON function snippet for PHP? I (obviously) have a situation where I ... View Detail
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How to remove backslash on json_encode() function?
How to remove the (\)backslash on a string? when using echo json_encode() ? For example: <?php $str = $(\#output\).app ... View Detail
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Getting data from MYSQL into JSON using PHP
I have the following quite simple test PHP code that extracts the data and puts it into JSON formatted text. I get the ... View Detail
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Why is json_encode adding backslashes?
I've been using json_encode for a long time, and I've not had any problems so far. Now I'm working with a upload script ... View Detail
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Posting JSON objects to Symfony 2
I'm working on a project using Symfony 2, I've built a bundle to handle all my database services which passes JSON data ... View Detail
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json_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given
what cause error in the my code? $query = $this->db->query(SELECT * FROM tour_foreign ORDER BY id desc);   $data = arra ... View Detail
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