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Inherited abstract class with JPA (+Hibernate)
How would you configure annotations in the following example code? I'd like to stick with JPA annotations only and avoid ... View Detail
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Hibernate (JPA) how to do an eager query, loading all child objects
Relating to my earlier question, I want to ensure all the child objects are loaded as I have a multiple threads that may ... View Detail
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Unable to build EntityManagerFactory
persistence.xml file <?xml version=1.0 encoding=UTF-8?> <persistence version=1.0  xmlns=http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/pers ... View Detail
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Spring Data JPA find by embedded object property
I want to write a Spring Data JPA repository interface method signature that will let me find entities with a property o ... View Detail
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Spring data jpa- No bean named 'entityManagerFactory' is defined; Injection of autowired dependencies failed
I'm developing application using spring data jpa,hibernate,mysql,tomcat7,maven and it's create error.I'm trying to figu ... View Detail
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JPA 2 CriteriaQuery, using a limit
I am using JPA 2. For safety reasons, I am working type safe with CriteriaQuery's (and thus, I am not searching for any ... View Detail
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Storing a Map<String,String> using JPA
I am wondering if it is possible using annotations to persist the attributes map in the following class using JPA2 publ ... View Detail
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When and why JPA entities should implement Serializable interface?
The question is in the title. Below I just described some of my thoughts and findings. When I had very simple domain mo ... View Detail
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JPA: foreign key annotation
I've got two database entities: Forum and Topic. Topic has protected long forumId data member, which indicates of cou ... View Detail
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Hibernate second level cache with Spring
I'm using Spring + JPA + Hibernate. I'm trying to enable Hibernate's second level cache. In my Spring's applicationConte ... View Detail
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JPA/Criteria API - Like & equal problem
I'm trying to use Criteria API in my new project: public List<Employee> findEmps(String name) {  CriteriaBuilder cb = e ... View Detail
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Doing an IN query with Hibernate
I have a list of IDs in a String, and want to use Hibernate to get the rows with these IDs. TrackedItem is a Hibernate/J ... View Detail
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Spring, Hibernate & JPA: Calling persist on entitymanager does not seem to commit to database
I'm trying to setup Spring using Hibernate and JPA, but when trying to persist an object, nothing seems to be added to t ... View Detail
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Java - JPA @Basic and @Embedded annotations
I am learning JPA from this tutorial. I have some confusions in understanding the following annotations: @Basic @Embe ... View Detail
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Mapping postgreSQL JSON column to Hibernate value type
I have a table with a column of type json in my postgreSQL DB (9.2). I have a hard time to map this column to a JPA2 Ent ... View Detail
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What is com.sun.proxy.$Proxy
I have seen that when errors occur deep in different frameworks (e.g frameworks implementing the EJB specification or so ... View Detail
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Really dynamic JPA CriteriaBuilder
I need to create a real dynamic JPA CriteriaBuilder. I get an Map<String, String> with the statements. It looks like: n ... View Detail
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javax.persistence.PersistenceException: org.hibernate.PersistentObjectException: detached entity passed to persist
Using JPA with Hibernate, I got an exception when running the following code. The first time I run it, everything goes f ... View Detail
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JPA Criteria API with multiple parameters
I need to make a search method that uses the JPA Criteria API with multiple parameters. Now the problem is that not ever ... View Detail
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Hibernate and no PK
Is it possible to create a table (from a JPA annotated Hibernate @Entity) that does not contain a primary key / Id? I k ... View Detail
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Injecting EntityManager Vs. EntityManagerFactory
A long question, please bear with me. We are using Spring+JPA for a web application. My team is debating over injecting ... View Detail
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Could not commit JPA transaction: Transaction marked as rollbackOnly
I'm using Spring and Hibernate in one of the applications that I'm working on and I've got a problem with handling of tr ... View Detail
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How do I properly cascade save a one-to-one, bidirectional relationship on primary key in Hibernate 3.6
I have an one-to-one, bidirectional entity relationship with shared keys. When I attempt to save the owner of the associ ... View Detail
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Hibernate JPA, MySQL and TinyInt(1) for Boolean instead of bit or char
Here is my JPA2 / Hibernate definition: Code: @Column(nullable = false) private boolean enabled;  In MySql this column ... View Detail
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How to implement update () method in DAO using EntityManager (JPA)?
What is the standard way to implement simple update? Example: we have User with phone number NNNNNN and now we want to ... View Detail
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