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Adding jdbc driver to classpath
Ok I am on Win Vista and correctly set my MAVEN_HOME, JAVA_HOME stuff. but I do not have a class path yet. I have also i ... View Detail
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Cannot use a LIKE query in a JDBC PreparedStatement?
The query code and query: ps = conn.prepareStatement(select instance_id, ? from eam_measurement where resource_id in (s ... View Detail
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Oracle doesn't remove cursors after closing result set
Note: we reuse single connection. ************************************************ public Connection connection() {     ... View Detail
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Running a .sql script using MySQL with JDBC
I am starting to use MySQL with JDBC. Class.forName(com.mysql.jdbc.Driver); conn = DriverManager.getConnection(jdbc:mys ... View Detail
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Getting java.sql.SQLException: Operation not allowed after ResultSet closed
When I execute the following code, I get an exception. I think it is because I'm preparing in new statement with he same ... View Detail
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How to test connection to Oracle Database using Java
Is there a way to test my connection to oracle database using Java? Here's my code. public class OracleConnection {   p ... View Detail
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A datetime equivalent in java.sql ? (is there a java.sql.datetime ?)
So far, I have not found a clear answer to this. I'd like to know what the equivalent is for a SQL type DATETIME and t ... View Detail
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How to simulate a DB for testing (Java)?
I'm programming in Java and my applications are making a lot of use of DB. Hence, it is important for me to be able to t ... View Detail
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How do I lookup a JNDI Datasource from outside a web container?
I have the following environment set up: Java 1.5 Sun Application Server 8.2 Oracle 10 XE Struts 2 Hibernate I'm int ... View Detail
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Is asynchronous jdbc call possible?
I wonder if there is a way to make asynchronous calls to a database? For instance, imagine that I've a big request that ... View Detail
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How do I implement a DAO manager using JDBC and connection pools?
My problem is as follows. I need a class that works as a single point to a database connection in a web system, so to av ... View Detail
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Convert a Result Set from SQL Array to Array of Strings
I am querying the information_schema.columns table in my PostgreSQL database. Using a table name, the result set finds a ... View Detail
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JDBC Class.forName vs DriverManager.registerDriver
Which is the difference from forName method vs registerDriver to load and register a JDBC driver?
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Data truncation: Incorrect datetime value: ''
Can anyone help me with a sample JSP code to store date in a MySql database through JDBC? When I try to execute the code ... View Detail
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Oracle SQL DATE conversion problem using iBATIS via Java JDBC
I'm currently wrestling with an Oracle SQL DATE conversion problem using iBATIS from Java. Am using the Oracle JDBC thi ... View Detail
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How to set current date and time using prepared statement?
I have a column in database having datatype DATETIME. I want to set this column value to current date and time using `Pr ... View Detail
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What is the jTDS JDBC Connect URL to MS SQL Server 2005 Express
I'm trying to connect to a MS SQL Server 2005 Express database that is running on the local host from a java program. I ... View Detail
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Returning a ResultSet
I am trying to create a method from where I can query my database and retrieve a whole table. Currently, it works just ... View Detail
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Java: Insert into a table datetime data
I am trying to insert into a variable in MS- SQL database the current date and the time. I use this format: DateFormat ... View Detail
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runtime error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
I am new to mysql and jdbc and I am getting the error in this title. I have been searching all day and cannot find a sol ... View Detail
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Storing Result set into an array
i know this should be simpel and im probably staring straight at the problem but once again im stuck and need the help o ... View Detail
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How to start a transaction in JDBC?
Connection.setTransactionIsolation(int) warns: Note: If this method is called during a transaction, the result is im ... View Detail
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Java MySQL check if value exists in database
I am trying to check, if a specific value already exists in my database. I am accessing database from java standalone ap ... View Detail
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JPA or JDBC, how are they different?
I am learning Java EE and I downloaded the eclipse with glassfish for the same. I saw some examples and also read the Or ... View Detail
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Can't make JDBC connection to MySQL (using Java, IntelliJ, and Linux)
I am having issues trying to get a database connection using the code below:   try {   Class.forName(com.mysql.jdbc.Dri ... View Detail
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