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JDK 8 - The type java.util.Map$Entry cannot be resolved
Im trying to use a HashMap but getting the error: The type java.util.Map$Entry cannot be resolved. It is indirectly ref ... View Detail
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What is use of Functional Interface in Java 8?
I came across new term named Functional Interface in Java 8. I could found only one use of this interface while workin ... View Detail
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Can a java lambda have more than 1 parameter?
In Java, is it possible to have a lambda accept multiple different types? I.e: Single variable works:  Function <Integ ... View Detail
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Java 8: merge lists with stream API
I have the following situation Map<Key, ListContainer> map;   public class ListContainer{   List<AClass> lst; }  I hav ... View Detail
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How to map to multiple elements with Java 8 streams?
I have a class like this: class MultiDataPoint {   private DateTime timestamp;   private Map<String, Number> keyToData; ... View Detail
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How do I use the new computeIfAbsent function?
I very much want to use Map.computeIfAbsent but it has been too long since lambdas in undergrad. Almost directly from ... View Detail
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Can Java 8 code be compiled to run on Java 7 JVM?
Java 8 introduces important new language features such as lambda expressions. Are these changes in the language accompa ... View Detail
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Group by counting in Java 8 stream API
I try to find a simple way in Java 8 stream API to do the grouping, I come out with this complex way! List<String> list ... View Detail
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Fetch first element which matches criteria
How to get first element that matches a criteria in a stream? I've tried this but doesn't work this.stops.stream().filt ... View Detail
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Understanding Spliterator, Collector and Stream in Java 8
I am having trouble understanding the Stream interface in Java 8, especially where it has to do with the Spliterator and ... View Detail
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How to negate a method reference predicate
In Java 8, you can use a method reference to filter a stream, for example: Stream<String> s = ...; int emptyStrings = s ... View Detail
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Version 1.8 of project facet java does not exist
I'm trying to build a Dynamic Web Application in eclipse using Java 8 (and Wildfly appServer if that matters) but I'm un ... View Detail
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Return from lambda forEach() in java
I am trying to change some for-each loops to lambda forEach()-methods to discover the possibilities of lambda expression ... View Detail
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How to get UTC+0 date in Java 8?
I have problems with Date class in Java. Date class returns local machine date but i need UTC-0. I have googled and fou ... View Detail
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Java 8 pass method as parameter
Currently getting into Java 8 lambda expressions and method references. I want to pass a method with no args and no ret ... View Detail
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Differences between Java 8 Date Time API (java.time) and Joda-Time
I know there are questions relating to java.util.Date and Joda-Time. But after some digging, I couldn't find a thread ab ... View Detail
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In Java 8 how do I transform a Map<K,V> to another Map<K,V> using a lambda?
I've just started looking at Java 8 and to try out lambdas I thought I'd try to rewrite a very simple thing I wrote rece ... View Detail
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How to use the unsigned Integer in Java 8 and Java 9?
In the Oracle Primitive data types page, it mentions that Java 8 adds support for unsigned ints and longs: int: By ... View Detail
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Java 8 method references: provide a Supplier capable of supplying a parameterized result
I'd like to use java.util.Optional.orElseThrow()  with an Exception type that asks for a constructor parameter. Somet ... View Detail
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Format Instant to String
I'm trying to format an Instant to a String using the new java 8 time-api and a pattern: Instant instant = ...; String  ... View Detail
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How to specify function types for void (not Void) methods in Java8?
I'm playing around with Java 8 to find out how functions as first class citizens. I have the following snippet: package ... View Detail
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upgrade eclipse to java 8
I am trying to update my eclipse environment to java 8. I installed the jdk and jre version 8. I also did this: https: ... View Detail
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How should we manage jdk8 stream for null values
Hello fellow Java developers, I know the subject may be a bit in advance as the JDK8 is not yet released (and not for n ... View Detail
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Using JavaFX in JRE 8
When trying to use javafx related classes in my new java 8 project I get an access restriction error from eclipse. So fa ... View Detail
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Java 1.8 ASM ClassReader failed to parse class file - probably due to a new Java class file version that isn't supported yet
My web application runs fine on JDK 1.7 but crashes on 1.8 with the following exception (during application server start ... View Detail
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