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How to change a bitmap's opacity?
I have a bitmap: Bitmap bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeFile(some/arbitrary/path/image.jpg);  But I'm not going to displa ... View Detail
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Java verbose class loading
I am trying to list the order in which the Java class loader is loading my classes. if I use -verbose parameter it will ... View Detail
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Setting java.awt.headless=true programmatically
I'm trying to set java.awt.headless=true during the application startup but it appears like I'm too late and the non-hea ... View Detail
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How to create custom annotation with code behind
I would like to create my own custom annotation. My framework is Stand alone java application. When someone annotate h ... View Detail
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Spring MVC: bind request attribute to controller method parameter
In Spring MVC, it is easy to bind request parameter to method paramaters handling the request. I just use @RequestParame ... View Detail
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What are the URLs of all the Maven Archetype catalogs that you know about?
Maven Archetypes are the templates by which you can quickly generate a running example of a given framework or project t ... View Detail
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JDK 8 - The type java.util.Map$Entry cannot be resolved
Im trying to use a HashMap but getting the error: The type java.util.Map$Entry cannot be resolved. It is indirectly ref ... View Detail
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How to get index of an item in java.util.Set
I know the differences between Set and List(unique vs. duplications allowed, not ordered/ordered, etc). What I'm looking ... View Detail
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403 Forbidden with Java but not web browser?
I am writing a small Java program to get the amount of results for a given Google search term. For some reason, in Java ... View Detail
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Android L - Floating Action Button (FAB)
Did Google already released a defined style or a component for this new circular FAB button or should I implement the de ... View Detail
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Creating an XML document using namespaces in Java
I am looking for example Java code that can construct an XML document that uses namespaces. I cannot seem to find anythi ... View Detail
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Java project structure explained for newbies?
I come from a .NET background and am completely new to Java and am trying to get my head around the Java project structu ... View Detail
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What certificates are trusted in truststore?
I do not know very well keystore / truststore lingo but as far as I'm concerned, a truststore keeps the certificates tru ... View Detail
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What is the difference between scope import and pom type dependency?
Starting from Maven 2.0.9 there is possibility to include <type>pom</type> <scope>import</scope>  in the <dependencyM ... View Detail
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Get the Rows and Columns from a 2D array matrix in Java
Suppose that I have a 2D array (matrix) in Java like this... int[][] MyMat = {{0,1,2,3,4}, {9,8,7,6,5}};  If I want to ... View Detail
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Load environment-specific properties for use with PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer?
This seems like a pretty common problem, but I haven't found any sort of consensus on the best method, so I'm posing the ... View Detail
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Inherited abstract class with JPA (+Hibernate)
How would you configure annotations in the following example code? I'd like to stick with JPA annotations only and avoid ... View Detail
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Java 1.6: Creating an array of List<T>
Why can't I create an array of List ? List<String>[] nav = new List<String>[] { new ArrayList<String>() };  Eclipse sa ... View Detail
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Replacing illegal character in fileName
In Java, I've a File-Name-String. There I want to replace all illegal Characters with '_', but not a-z, 0-9, -,. and _ ... View Detail
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How to modify/add code to the initComponents() method in Java using NetBeans?
How to modify/add code to the initComponents() method in Java on NetBeans? When I try to add any line of code this area ... View Detail
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Is there a difference between BigDecimal(0) and BigDecimal.ZERO?
Either for comparisons or initialization of a new variable, does it make a difference which one of these you use? I kno ... View Detail
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How can I define a fragment's layout from XML?
I'm trying to define a fragment's layout in XML in the same way that I defined the layout of my view. Is this possible? ... View Detail
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Unable to establish database connection to SQL Server 2008 using java in Eclipse IDE
I am trying to connect to HP Operations Manager Database using Java code in Eclipse IDE. I am able to connect successful ... View Detail
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How to compile Java program with .jar library
I can't make javac recognize an external .jar file, whose classes I'm trying to extend. I have two files in the same dir ... View Detail
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How to add multiple ActionListeners for multiple buttons in Java Swing
I know how to create one button and an Action Listener for it. But I want to have several buttons and actionListeners fo ... View Detail
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