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Resize images with PHP, support PNG, JPG
I am using this class: class ImgResizer {  function ImgResizer($originalFile = '$newName') {  $this -> originalFile = $ ... View Detail
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Add 'Watermark' to images with php
I have a website where users may upload images... I need to add my logo (watermark) to the images once they are uploade ... View Detail
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Convert JPG/GIF image to PNG in PHP?
Possible Duplicate of Convert jpg image to gif, png & bmp format using PHP I have a PHP form that allows image up ... View Detail
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Which is the best PHP method to reduce the image size without losing quality
I am trying to develop an image based web site. I am really confused about the image type and compression techniques. Pl ... View Detail
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How to install Imagick/imagemagick on windows 7
How to install image magic in Windows 7. I followed these instruction To install IMagick on Windows XP (php 5.2.x) do ... View Detail
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php: recreate and display an image from binary data
Is it possible to recreate images from binary data (process them if needed) and display them, all in the same script? So ... View Detail
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Php : Convert a blob into an image file
Is this possible with php and a mysql database to Convert a blob into an image file?
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How to display an BLOB image stored in MySql database?
I am trying to display the last 5 images uploaded to my store table in MySql. I'm a complete noob to PHP and databases a ... View Detail
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Create a dynamic PNG image
I want to create a small function in PHP which takes in arguments like color, shape, transparency etc. and outputs a PNG ... View Detail
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Resize animated GIF file without destroying animation
I need to resize an animated GIF file without destroying the animation. How can I do it using PHP?
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Resize images in PHP without using third-party libraries?
In one of my applications, I'm using the code snippet below to copy uploaded images to a directory. It works fine but co ... View Detail
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I need my PHP page to show my BLOB image from mysql database
So my last question was on how to have my techID shown from a search : I am trying to have my "Details" page to referen ... View Detail
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Send email with PHPMailer - embed image in body
I'm trying to send HTML mail, with PHPMailer, with images. The body is loaded from a html file, that contains all the in ... View Detail
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Check image dimensions (height and width) before uploading image using PHP
How can I check for height and width before uploading image, using PHP. Must I upload the image first and use getimages ... View Detail
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Get image dimensions
I have an url to the image, like $var = http://example.com/image.png How do I get its dimensions to an array, like arra ... View Detail
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php resize image on upload
I got a form where the user is inserting some data and also uploading an image. To deal with the image, I got the follo ... View Detail
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Download image from URL using php code?
How can I use php to download an image from URL (eg: https://www.google.com/images/srpr/logo3w.png) then save it? This i ... View Detail
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Efficient JPEG Image Resizing in PHP
What's the most efficient way to resize large images in PHP? I'm currently using the GD function imagecopyresampled to ... View Detail
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PHP check if file is an image
Is there a way to make sure a received file is an image in PHP? Testing for the extension doesn't sound very secure to ... View Detail
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Calculating image size ratio for resizing
I have a defined fixed width and height to resize an image. However, I have problem a with this, because the image can h ... View Detail
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Can I embed a .png image into an html page?
How can I embed a .png file into a blank file.html so that when you open that file in any browser you see that image? I ... View Detail
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Creating a thumbnail from an uploaded image
I'm wanting to create a thumbnail from a user uploaded image so the image doesn't look squashed. But also would like a c ... View Detail
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PHP - get base64 img string decode and save as jpg (resulting empty image )
hi i'm actually sending a base64 image string trough ajax to a php script which just decodes string and save content as ... View Detail
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Get img src with PHP
I would like to get the SRC attribute into a variable in this example: <img border=0 src=/images/image.jpg alt=Image wi ... View Detail
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Multiple Image Upload PHP form with one input
I've been trying to make this work for quite some time now. But I can't seem to make it work. I wanted to have a multipl ... View Detail
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