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PHP header (location) inside IFRAME, to load in _top location?
I have a simple form which is inside IFRAME. When user click on SUBMIT, it redirects to a specific page on my server. Th ... View Detail
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Redirect the parent page from IFrame
I am using an IFrame, and from this IFrame I want to redirect to another page. Please tell me how to do this without a ... View Detail
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Using iFrames In ASP.NET
I have an asp.net website with a master-page, can I use the iframe so my .aspx pages will load inside the iframes. (Mean ... View Detail
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Find elements inside forms and iframe using Java and Selenium WebDriver
I'm trying to access elements that are present under <form> <iFrame> <form> elements </form> </iFrame> </form>. Could y ... View Detail
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How to handle iframe in Selenium WebDriver using java
<div>    <iframe id=cq-cf-frame >   <iframe id=gen367>    <body spellcheck=false id=CQrte style=height: 255px; font-size ... View Detail
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Detect iFrame embedding in Javascript
I have an application that has a certain page -- let's call it Page A. Page A is sometimes a top-level page, but also so ... View Detail
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load iframe in bootstrap modal
I want to load an iframe into a bootstrap modal and show a loader before the iframe is loaded. I am using a simple jquer ... View Detail
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Why is iframe.contentWindow == null?
I use the following code to dynamically create an iframe. var iframe_jquery = $(<iframe>)  .addClass(foo)  .appendTo(co ... View Detail
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Stop all playing iframe videos on click a link javascript
I have a list of iframe videos in my webpage. <iframe width=520 height=360 src=http://www.youtube.com/embed/2muxrT5_a6E ... View Detail
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access iframe name from inside iframe
I though this would be simple enough but I can't find the answer. I need to know how I can access an iframe's name from ... View Detail
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How to get the height of an iframe with javascript from inside the iframe? What about pages with multiple iframes?
Is there a way to detect the height and width of an iframe, by executing a script from inside the iframe? I need to dyn ... View Detail
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Is an empty iframe src valid?
I want an iframe to initially have src as blank and then once the page loads; call a JS function and then set the src va ... View Detail
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How can I refresh parent window from an iframe?
I've got a parent page and an iframe inside that page. The links in the parent control the page that gets loaded in the ... View Detail
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Uncaught SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin ... from accessing a frame with origin
I've made a component for an SAP solution (whatever) that is embedded into a report through an iframe. After I deployed ... View Detail
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Getting Contents of Iframe with Pure JavaScript
I already can get the content of an Iframe with jQuery, though I would like to learn how to get it with pure JavaScript. ... View Detail
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Youtube embed: Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame
We have a Wicket app with a page that includes an embedded Youtube video. The video embeds and plays fine, but apparentl ... View Detail
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<iframe> javascript access parent DOM across domains?
I control the content of an iframe which is embedded in a page from another domain. Is there any way for javascript in m ... View Detail
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How to load page dynamically in iframe
I just want to load an html page in iframe on clicking a link or button in the same page. I used javascript to load the ... View Detail
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putting html inside an iframe (using javascript)
Can I create an empty iframe as a placeholder to later insert html into it? In otherwords, suppose I have an empty ifra ... View Detail
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Resize iframe to content with Jquery
I'm trying to resize an iframe dynamicly to fit its content. To do so I have a piece of code: $(#IframeId).height($(#If ... View Detail
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Using iFrames in AngularJS
Using Angular 1.2+, I'm trying to work out an angular way to load in an iFrame but I can't find any tutorials/any real d ... View Detail
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How do I set the src to an iframe with jQuery?
My iFrame looks like this: <iframe id=iframe name=iframe1 frameborder=0 src=></iframe>  And my script looks like this: ... View Detail
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Add click event to iframe
I want to add a click event to an iframe. I used this example and got this: $(document).ready(function () { $('#left ... View Detail
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quick and easy way to make google maps iframe embed responsive
I was looking for a quick and easy method for embedding a google map (via their embed code) into a responsive site and a ... View Detail
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Get value of input field inside an iframe
I am creating a form with Javascript only. I am trying to use Javascript to get the value of the input field which is in ... View Detail
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