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Is HTML needed before learning JavaScript ?
Ravinder Singh
Updated June 30
For a beginner is it important to learn HTML before he or she can learn JavaScript ?
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Difference between <div> and <span> tags
Ravinder Singh
Updated June 09
What is the difference between and tags in HTML. When is each one of these tags used ?
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Symfony2 : send a HTTP Request
I am trying to make a HTTP Request from one of my controller to contact another URL, the goal being to contact another U ... View Detail
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PHP set selected value of dropdown box
I have a dropdown box that I construct with PHP. Here is the code:  $region_result = mysql_query(SELECT * FROM region O ... View Detail
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How to submit multiple array checkbox with html forms
I am trying to submit multiple arrays with a checkbox form but I am only able to submit one array at the moment, here is ... View Detail
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How can i change opencart order email content as our wish ? is it possible?
Can I change the content of order email, which file it exactly refers? This is a confirmation of an online transaction p ... View Detail
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Getting All $_POST From Multiple Select Value
I have this HTML code : <select name=cars>   <option value=volvo>Volvo</option>   <option value=saab>Saab</option>   <o ... View Detail
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insert values from a drop down list to database table
I am new to PHP. When i am trying to insert the value from drop down list to database table showing some errors the co ... View Detail
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How to match whitespace, carriage return and line feed using regular expression in PHP?
I am working with a regular expression in PHP. I have the following string: <img  src=/files/admin/hotel_website.gif a ... View Detail
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set value of input field by php variable's value
I have a simple php calculator which code is: <html>  <head>   <title>PHP calculator</title>  </head>   <body bgcolor=o ... View Detail
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how to create html table in php
I have the following snippet of code that basically uses explode to split out these values: <?php $data=array(); $Input ... View Detail
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Birthday form using HTML/PHP
I'm making a registration form which will have the user put in his birthday. The problem is when it comes to February an ... View Detail
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Simple html/php form to output on the same page
Basically all I want is for users to come into the site, type in their message and name, and the results should be displ ... View Detail
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Do I need a !DOCTYPE declaration in a php file with html?
I have a php file with my website content in it. The file needs to be .php because i get some variables first and then u ... View Detail
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Input field containing double quotes value
In my php project i have a value containg special charectors like ,' etc ( 5 inches , '3.5' inches etc) . But it's no ... View Detail
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Save current page as HTML to server
What approach could someone suggest to save the current page as an HTML file to the server? In this case, also note that ... View Detail
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Echo table in PHP
So far, I got my code to read from a .txt file, parse the info and output via html. My question is how can I can echo m ... View Detail
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PHP multiline string with PHP
I need to echo a lot of PHP and HTML. I already tried the obvious, but it's not working: <?php echo ' <?php if ( has_p ... View Detail
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How to decode a base64 string (gif) into image in PHP / HTML
I have a base64 encoded string that I would like to convert into an image in PHP / HTML. Here is what I have: $data  ... View Detail
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HTML Element Array, name=something[] or name=something?
I saw something on this site : Handling array of HTML Form Elements in JavaScript and PHP http://www.ajaxprojects.com/aj ... View Detail
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ajax post within jquery onclick
I have a button which calls a modal box to fade into the screen saying a value posted from the button then fade off, thi ... View Detail
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Selecting a css class with xpath
I want to select just a class on its own called .date For some reason, I cannot get this to work. If anyone knows what ... View Detail
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Generate PDF from HTML PHP
I want to generate PDF from a PHP file that includes HTML controls like textbox, and textarea. I attached CSS in the sam ... View Detail
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How to display a php variable into html
I just want to know how can I display a javascript variable into html? Below is my php code: var duration = <? echo $p ... View Detail
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How to display XML in HTML in PHP?
I have a string with XML: $string =   <shoes>  <shoe>  <shouename>Shoue</shouename>  </shoe> </shoes> ;  And would lik ... View Detail
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