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Is there Java HashMap equivalent in PHP?
I need PHP object similar to HashMap in Java, but I didn't find when I googled, so if someone knows how I can mimic Hash ... View Detail
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C# equivalent of C++ map<string,double>
I want to keep some totals for different accounts. In C++ I'd use STL like this: map<string,double> accounts;  // Add s ... View Detail
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JDK 8 - The type java.util.Map$Entry cannot be resolved
Im trying to use a HashMap but getting the error: The type java.util.Map$Entry cannot be resolved. It is indirectly ref ... View Detail
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HashMap return method
I have a method in a class, which initialize a HashMap and put some keys and values inside it, then the method returns t ... View Detail
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Reverse HashMap keys and values in Java
It's a simple question, I have a simple HashMap of which i want to reverse the keys and values. HashMap<Character, Stri ... View Detail
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Java HashMap get method null pointer exception
I have code similar to the following :- class A {   private HashMap<Character, Boolean> myMap;   public A()   {  myMap  ... View Detail
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Is it safe to get values from a java.util.HashMap from multiple threads (no modification)?
There is a case where a map will be constructed, and once it is initialized, it will never be modified again. It will h ... View Detail
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Using a byte array as Map key
Do you see any problem with using a byte array as Map key? I could also do new String(byte[]) and hash by String but it ... View Detail
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Shortcut for adding to List in a HashMap
I often have a need to take a list of objects and group them into a Map based on a value contained in the object. Eg. ta ... View Detail
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Map of maps - how to keep the inner maps as maps?
My goal is to create a map of maps so that I can retrieve info of the outer map by its key and then access its inner map ... View Detail
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Hashmap.keySet(), foreach, and remove
I know that it's typically a big no-no to remove from a list using java's foreach and that one should use iterator.remov ... View Detail
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How do I access nested HashMaps in Java?
I have a HashMap in Java, the contents of which (as you all probably know) can be accessed by HashMap.get(keyname);  I ... View Detail
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Thread safe Hash Map?
I am writing an application which will return a HashMap to user. User will get reference to this MAP. On the backend, I ... View Detail
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Java : Iteration through a HashMap, which is more efficient?
Given the following code, with two alternative ways to iterate through it, is there any performance difference between t ... View Detail
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Collision resolution in Java HashMap
Java HashMap uses put method to insert the K/V pair in HashMap. Lets say I have used put method and now HashMap<Integer ... View Detail
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why HashMap Values are not cast in List?
I'm putting values into the hashmap which is of the form, Map<Long, Double> highLowValueMap=new HashMap<Long, Double>() ... View Detail
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Accessing the last entry in a Map
How to move a particular HashMap entry to Last position? For Example, I have HashMap values like this: HashMap<String, ... View Detail
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How can I have a HashMap with unique keys in java?
How can I have a HashMap with unique keys in Java? Or even does this make any sense to have unique keys in HashMap or th ... View Detail
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How to write and read a file with a HashMap?
I have a HashMap with two Strings Map<String, String> ldapContent = new HashMap<String, String>. Now I want to save the ... View Detail
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Does put overwrite existing values?
New to hashtables with a simple question. For some reason googling hasn't gotten me a straight answer. Say I've got an ... View Detail
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How do I create a hash table in Java?
What is the most straightforward way to create a hash table (or associative array...) in Java? My google-fu has turned ... View Detail
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HashMap vs ArrayList performance am I correct
I currently believe that: When you need a structure from which you will be retrieving items randomly - use a HashMap W ... View Detail
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Difference between HashMap and ArrayList in Java?
In Java, ArrayList and HashMap are used as collections. But I couldn't understand in which situations we should use Arra ... View Detail
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Hashmap with Streams in Java 8 Streams to collect value of Map
Let consider a hashmap Map<Integer, List> id1 = new HashMap<Integer,List>();  I inserted some values into both hashmap ... View Detail
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Storing a new object as the value of a hashmap?
I am trying to find a way to store a new instance of a class as the value in a Java hashmap. The idea was given to me by ... View Detail
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