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Why does C# forbid generic attribute types?
This causes a compile-time exception: public sealed class ValidatesAttribute<T> : Attribute {  }  [Validates<string>] p ... View Detail
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Cast Object to Generic List
I have 3 generict type list. List<Contact> = new List<Contact>(); List<Address> = new List<Address>(); List<Document> = ... View Detail
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Using List<T> in C# (Generics)
That's a pretty elementary question, but I have never delved into generics before and I found myself in the need to use ... View Detail
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What is cool about generics, why use them?
I thought I'd offer this softball to whomever would like to hit it out of the park. What are generics, what are the adva ... View Detail
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Generics - where T is a number?
I'm trying to figure a way to create a generic class for number types only, for doing some calculations. Is there a com ... View Detail
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Convert List<T> to object[]
I am looking for a one liner that transforms List<T> into object[]. It's one liner, so I am not interested in solutions ... View Detail
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Help with C# generics error - The type 'T' must be a non-nullable value type
I'm new to C# and don't understand why the following code doesn't work. public static Nullable<T> CoalesceMax<T>(Nullab ... View Detail
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Generic TryParse
I am trying to create a generic extension that uses 'TryParse' to check if a string is a given type: public static bool ... View Detail
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How to cast List<object> to List<SomethingElse>
How can i cast a List<object> to List<SomethingElse>? (where SomethingElse is known to descend from object) Bonus Ch ... View Detail
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Elegant way to combine multiple collections of elements?
Say I have an arbitrary number of collections, each containing objects of the same type (for example, List<int> foo and ... View Detail
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C# Casting a List<ObjBase> as List<Obj>
Why can I not cast a List<ObjBase> as List<Obj>? Why does the following not work: internal class ObjBase { }  internal  ... View Detail
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Generic Way to Check If Entity Exists In Entity Framework?
Similar to Best way to check if object exists in Entity Framework? I'm looking for a generic way to check for an entity ... View Detail
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How to call generic method with a given Type object?
I want to call my generic method with a given type object. void Foo(Type t) {   MyGenericMethod<t>(); }  obviously doe ... View Detail
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Cannot implicitly convert type 'Int' to 'T'
I can call Get<int>(Stat); or Get<string>(Name); But when compiling I get: Cannot implicitly convert type 'int' to ... View Detail
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Is there a generic constructor with parameter constraint in C#?
In C# you can put a constraint on a generic method like: public class A {   public static void Method<T> (T a) where T  ... View Detail
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Case insensitive access for generic dictionary
I have an application that use managed dlls. One of those dlls return a generic dictionary: Dictionary<string, int> M ... View Detail
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Can I Create a Dictionary of Generic Types?
I'd like to create a Dictionary object, with string Keys, holding values which are of a generic type. I imagine that it ... View Detail
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How can I convert IEnumerable<T> to List<T> in C#?
I am using LINQ to query a generic dictionary and then use the result as the datasource for my ListView (WebForms). Sim ... View Detail
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Implement an Interface with Generic Methods
I'm drawing a blank on this one and can't seem to find any previous example that I wrote. I'm trying to implement a gene ... View Detail
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Null or default comparison of generic argument in C#
I have a generic method defined like this: public void MyMethod<T>(T myArgument)  The first thing I want to do is chec ... View Detail
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c# compare two generic values
Possible Duplicate: Can’t operator == be applied to generic types in C#? I've coded something like this: pub ... View Detail
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Create List<int> with values at compile time
It is possible to create an array at compile time like; int[] myValues = new int[] { 1, 2, 3 } ;  But I would like to ... View Detail
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Generic list FindAll() vs. foreach
I'm looking through a generic list to find items based on a certain parameter. In General, what would be the best and f ... View Detail
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Console.WriteLine and generic List
I frequently find myself writing code like this: List<int> list = new List<int> { 1, 3, 5 }; foreach (int i in list) {  ... View Detail
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Generic method with multiple constraints
I have a generic method which has two generic parameters. I tried to compile the code below but it doesn't work. Is it a ... View Detail
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