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How to submit multiple array checkbox with html forms
I am trying to submit multiple arrays with a checkbox form but I am only able to submit one array at the moment, here is ... View Detail
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How to run a PHP function from an HTML form?
I'm absolute beginner in web technologies. I know that my question is very simple, but I don't know how to do it. For ex ... View Detail
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Birthday form using HTML/PHP
I'm making a registration form which will have the user put in his birthday. The problem is when it comes to February an ... View Detail
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Clear session variable after use
Is it possible to use a session variable, then unset it directly after? Example: //==== //Process Form if ($_POST['Sub ... View Detail
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Simple html/php form to output on the same page
Basically all I want is for users to come into the site, type in their message and name, and the results should be displ ... View Detail
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Symfony2, How to make a form label class/attr different than its input?
I would like to build a form with label and inputs, but the class of them should be different. Code below creates the la ... View Detail
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Prevent Back button from showing POST confirmation alert
I have an application that supplies long list of parameters to a web page, so I have to use POST instead of GET. The pro ... View Detail
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HTML/PHP - default input value
I have a post php form and a set of inputs: Your Name Your Last Name My Name Every input looks the same, only the na ... View Detail
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Laravel - Form Input - Multiple select for a one to many relationship
One of the requirements in an application that I am building is for a form input which takes in a varying number of item ... View Detail
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HTML Dropdown list with user input field
I have a dropdown list as follows.. <select name=school><option value=None selected>None</option> <option value=DeSoto> ... View Detail
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open new window with php code after form submits results
here is the script that i been working on , it is supposed to integrate user and pass when opened <?php  $name = $_POST ... View Detail
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Radio Buttons with PHP Form Handling
I have a basic form that I am submitting using some basic PHP. I have the form submission working great, except that I h ... View Detail
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One form with two submit buttons and different actions for each button
I have spent several hours trying to find a solution to my issue, but just can't seem to find the proper solution. Than ... View Detail
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How to check if any fields in a form are empty in php
whenever I submit something in my form i want to check if any of the fields are empty. So far what I have is not workin ... View Detail
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How do I use two submit buttons, and differentiate between which one was used to submit the form?
Currently, I have an HTML form where the user will enter a title and text for an article. When it is time to submit, the ... View Detail
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How get value for unchecked checkbox in checkbox elements when form posted?
I have a form like below : <form action= method=post> <input type=checkbox id=status_1 name=status_1 value=1 /> <input ... View Detail
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Submit an HTML form with empty checkboxes
I have an HTML form - with PHP, I am sending the data of the form into a MySQL database. Some of the answers to the ques ... View Detail
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Fetching data from MySQL database using PHP, Displaying it in a form for editing
I'm a newbie to this and wrote the code below to fetch user data from a MySQL Database and display it in a form for edit ... View Detail
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PHP, HTML: Submit form automatically
I have a PHP page with an HTML form on it. If some variables are set in the URL I would like to automatically submit the ... View Detail
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Send html form data to sql database via php (using mysqli)
I want to send the data inputted into an html form to my sql database, i.e., create a new row attributing certain values ... View Detail
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Pass a PHP variable value through an HTML form
In a html form I have a variable $var = some value;. I want to call this variable after the form posted. The form is p ... View Detail
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How to access the form's 'name' variable from PHP
I'm trying to create a BMI calculator. This should allow people to use either metric or imperial measurements. I realis ... View Detail
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how to solve HTTP/1.1 302 Found error when trying to get contents of a form in php?
Hi this is my first question here, I'm having a bug in my aplication, when I try to submit a form (POST Method) with a l ... View Detail
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PHP: Possible to automatically get all POSTed data?
Simple question: Is it possible to get all the data POSTed to a page, even if you don't know all the fields? For exampl ... View Detail
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How to properly escape html form input default values in php?
Given the following two html/php snippets: <input type=text name=firstname value=<?php echo $_POST['firstname']; ?> /> ... View Detail
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