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Exporting MYSQL data into Excel/CSV via php
i want to Export MYSQL data into Excel/CSV via php. so that i can use my database later or someone can use and understan ... View Detail
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Which is the best way to generate excel output in PHP?
Is there any other PHP components like PHPExcel?
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PHP export CSV when data having UTF8 charcters
In MySQL I have set my data field type to utf8_bin and i am storing data in Unicode. Texts are being properly displayed ... View Detail
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Invalid column count in CSV input on line 1 Error
I'm trying to get a .csv file onto an SQL database with phpMyAdmin. However, whenever I import it, I get the error: Inva ... View Detail
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How to Import Excel file into mysql Database from PHP
Lets say, i want to import/upload excel file to mysql from PHP My HTML is like below <form enctype=multipart/form-data ... View Detail
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Convert Word doc, docx and Excel xls, xlsx to PDF with PHP
I am looking for a way to convert Word and Excel files to PDF using PHP. The reason for this, is I need to be able to c ... View Detail
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PHP import Excel into database (xls & xlsx)
I tried to search for some plugins to import Excel file into MySQL database, one of them is http://code.google.com/p/php ... View Detail
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Export MySQL data to Excel in PHP
I'm trying to get my MySQL data to Excel file, but I'm having problems with Excel cells. All my text goes to one cell, I ... View Detail
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How do you stream an Excel 2007 or Word 2007 file using asp.net and c#
I'm working on a web app and need to stream various files. I can do pdfs, images, and older Office documents. However, ... View Detail
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Reading data from excel 2010 using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel
I am not able to read data in Excel. Here is the code I am using: using Excel = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel;  Excel. ... View Detail
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Excel to PDF C# library
I am looking for a MsExcel (.xsl and .xlsx) to PDF converter/library or API. I want it for my C# .Net application. I li ... View Detail
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How to Save/Overwrite existing Excel file with Excel Interop - C#
Is there a way to save changes to an excel spreadsheet through the excel interop (in this case I am adding a worksheet t ... View Detail
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Excel interop: saving workbook without showing save dialog
I have to create a console application that exports a dataset to Excel. I've tried googling and looking at posts on this ... View Detail
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open xml reading from excel file
I want to implement openXml sdk 2.5 into my project. I do everything in this link using DocumentFormat.OpenXml; using D ... View Detail
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The 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' provider is not registered on the local machine (server)
I know that is this question has dozen of answers and posts, but nothing works for me. I have my MVC 5 application and ... View Detail
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Excel Interop - Add a new worksheet after all of the others
I am trying to add a new worksheet to an Excel workbook and make this the last worksheet in the book in C# Excel Interop ... View Detail
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How to Select all the cells in a worksheet in Excel.Range object of c#?
I am trying to select all the cells in an Excel sheet in the Excel.Range object of C# for applying auto fit, border etc. ... View Detail
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How to import all the Excel sheets to DataSet in C#
I've searched internet for this and couldn't really find a question like it. Everyone was looking for a way to import an ... View Detail
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A Simple C# DLL - how do I call it from Excel, Access, VBA, VB6?
I have a simple class library written in c#. using System; namespace TestDll {  public class Test  {   public string He ... View Detail
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Set data type like number, text and date in excel column using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel in c#
My problem is that I am trying to set data type to an excel column in C#, in this case the data types number, text and d ... View Detail
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Export DataTable to excel with EPPlus
i want to export data table to excel file with EPPlus that data table have property with int type,so i want to in excel ... View Detail
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Excel spreadsheet generation results in different file format than extension error when opening in excel 2007
The spreadsheet still displays, but with the warning message. The problem seems to occur because Excel 2007 is more pick ... View Detail
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Exporting the values in List to excel
Hi I am having a list container which contains the list of values. I wish to export the list values directly to Excel. I ... View Detail
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How to properly set Column Width upon creating Excel file? (Column properties)
I am using standard library using Excel = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel;  And this is how I create Excel, just small ... View Detail
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Reading excel file using OLEDB Data Provider
I am using OLEDB Data Provider to read excel file, but the problem is that in excel sheet some cloumn has an invalid va ... View Detail
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