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Call a PHP function after onClick HTML event
Purpose: Call a PHP function to read data from a file and rewrite it. I used PHP only for this purpose - FileIO - and I ... View Detail
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Unit testing that an event is raised in C#
I have some code that raises PropertyChanged events and I would like to be able to unit test that the events are being r ... View Detail
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Difference between the KeyDown Event, KeyPress Event and KeyUp Event in Visual Studio
Can anyone tell me the difference between the KeyDown event, the KeyPress event and the KeyUp event? I checked the msdn ... View Detail
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C# removing an event handler
I've been doing this for a while, but I haven't noticed that I've been using a new each time I remove an event handler. ... View Detail
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C#: Raising an inherited event
I have a base class that contains the following events: public event EventHandler Loading; public event EventHandler Fi ... View Detail
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How do I create 5 buttons and assign individual click events dynamically?
I need to create 5 buttons dynamically on windows form and each button should respond to click event. I tried it but all ... View Detail
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Setting LinkButton's OnClick event to method in codebehind
I'm constructing a LinkButton from my codebehind, and I need to assign the onclick to a method, and pass a parameter wit ... View Detail
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How do i raise an event in a usercontrol and catch it in mainpage?
I have a UserControl, and I need to notify the parent page that a button in the UserControl was clicked. How do I raise ... View Detail
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C# dynamically add event handler
Hi i have a simple question. here is my code:   XmlDocument xmlData = new XmlDocument();   xmlData.Load(xml.xml);    /* ... View Detail
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How to remove a lambda event handler
Possible Duplicates: Unsubscribe anonymous method in C# How do I Unregister ‘anonymous’ event handler I recen ... View Detail
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Trigger control's event programmatically
Assume that I have a WinFoms project. There is just one button (e.g. button1). The question is: is it possible to trig ... View Detail
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Logging Events in a Windows Service Program
I have created a Windows service program and I want my error to strictly be written to the Windows eventLog. So I follow ... View Detail
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C# passing extra parameters to an event handler?
Let say, I want to pass some extra data when assigning an event handler. Consider the following code: private void set ... View Detail
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Capture console exit C#
I have a console application that contains quite a lot of threads. There are threads that monitor certain conditions an ... View Detail
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c# datagridview doubleclick on row with FullRowSelect
I have a datagridview in my C# application and the user should only be able to click on full rows. So I set the Selectio ... View Detail
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Difference between events and delegates and its respective applications
I don't see advantages of using events over delegates, other than being syntactical sugar. Perhaps I am misunderstanding ... View Detail
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C# event with custom arguments
I want to have an event that takes an enum only as the argument. For example public enum MyEvents{ Event1 }  // how do  ... View Detail
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C# Events and Thread Safety
UPDATE As of C# 6, the answer to this question is: SomeEvent?.Invoke(this, e);  I frequently hear/read the followin ... View Detail
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Using lambda expressions for event handlers
I currently have a page which is declared as follows: public partial class MyPage : System.Web.UI.Page {  protected voi ... View Detail
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Order of events 'Form.Load', 'Form.Shown' and 'Form.Activated' in Windows Forms
What is the difference between form Form.Load, Form.Shown and Form.Activated events? What is the order in which they are ... View Detail
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Creating a Custom Event
Can a custom event be created for any object method? To do this do I just use the following syntax?: myObject.myMethod  ... View Detail
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How can I clear event subscriptions in C#?
Take the following C# class: c1 {  event EventHandler someEvent; }  If there are a lot of subscriptions to c1's someEv ... View Detail
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How do I call paint event?
My program draws text on its panel,but if I'd like to remove the text I have to repaint. How do I call(raise) the paint ... View Detail
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How can I make my own event in C#?
How can I make my own event in C#?
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C# Listbox Item Double Click Event
I have a list box with some items. Is there anyway I can attach a double click event to each item? Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 ... View Detail
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